Starting A Law Firm

Just like any business, there needs to be a foundation before it uprises to its success. A law firm isn’t like opening a local mom and pop shop. It takes years of studies, investments, and the right people on the job to even Mexico’s best lawyers like Diego Ruiz Durán.

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Pre-Law Literature

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The amount of books and audible books online, in the library are endless but these are the top rated pre-law literature listed. The Federalist Papers by Publius, Swimming lessons for baby sharks by Grover E. Cleveland, 1L of a ride by Andrew J.Mcclurg, Just mercy by Bryan Stevenson, 24 hours

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Law in Mexico

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Today, Mexico has recently begun using a new criminal justice system, Recent meaning within the last ten years. This new system was put in place to reduce the number of wrongful convictions, which previously ran in high numbers. Law in Mexico had been a big issue do to several various

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