If we want to find out how deforestation plays a part in destroying the environment, let us first look at the significant deforestation and global warming sources. Deforestation happens when trees are cut down for the sake of building something. For example, trees are cleared for roads, buildings, and farms,

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Good Friday

Good Friday is one of the most beloved holidays on the Christian calendar. Its observance is a worldwide tradition that dates as far back as the fourth century. Good Friday takes place on Friday immediately preceding Easter Sunday often coinciding with the Jewish Passover. To the Catholic Faith, it represents

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Importance of Confessing Your Sins

woman looks at mold damage in a house

Father George Rutler finds confession to be the greatest bond forming experience a Catholic can have with God. The act of confession is something that people experience in an almost daily manner. When a child lies to their parent about breaking a vase, that guilt builds in the child. The

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