How to Survive a Recession

team working in an open office plan

How to Survive a Recession Many believe that recessions are just another word for “good times.” You see people spending money willy-nilly like there’s no tomorrow. On the contrary, the country usually gets pretty gloomy as soon as a recession starts. The markets crash, and jobs dry up. So it

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Leadership Qualities and Motivation Skills

Motivation is a characteristic that is goal-oriented that assists a person in achieving his goals. It motivates a person to be hard work towards achieving their goals. A leader must possess the appropriate leadership qualities to be able to influence motivation. There isn’t any specific guideline for motivating. As an

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How to Deal with Layoff Anxiety

How to Deal with Layoff Anxiety Many Americans are anxious about their job security, and research shows that one in five employees admit to experiencing anxiety during this economic climate. Unemployment rates are up, and the U.S. economy is contracting due to increasing inflation and looming recession. But when times

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