National Puppy Day 2017

Puppies are some of the most irresistible pets under the sun. Even people who are not comfortable with dogs will give way when confronted with a cute puppy. These are also the most favorite among pets for children. Most children will consider the gift of a puppy as one of the best gifts possible. Having a puppy as a pet has been medically proven to reduce the occurrence of cardio-vascular disease. National Puppy Day is celebrated on the 23rd of March each year. The origin of National Puppy Day is not known.

Things to do on National Puppy Day

  • If you do not own a dog, the most appropriate thing to do on this day is to adopt a puppy. Visit your local animal shelter and pick a pooch that has been abandoned.

  • If you do not have the setup for keeping a puppy at home, you can spend some time on this day to do something for the cause of puppies like doing some voluntary work for an animal shelter.

  • On National Puppy Day, you can try to visit homes where you know there are puppies. You can take some puppy chews and toys and make the day a memorable one for both the puppy and owner.

  • National Puppy Day is a day which you can spend doing good deeds for puppies all over. There are bound to be some homeless dogs with puppies in your neighborhood. You can visit these puppies and take some special treats for them and their families.

  • You can also do a bit of investigation to see if the homeless puppies in and around your neighborhood can be rescued by animal welfare organizations. If you meet with some success in this task, you might well end up in making this a permanent feature in your life.

There is so much you can do on National Puppy Day. So get ready for a really busy day when it comes along next. You can make all the difference!

National Puppy Day 2017