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May 2021 - Altius Directory

Signs Your Car Needs an AC Repair

Your car’s air conditioning (AC) is an important part of keeping your car functioning and keeping you cool and comfortable when you’re driving.  So when it’s not functioning correctly, you’re going to need it looked at by a professional auto body shop.  There are a few signs that you can

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How To Clean Your Granite Countertops

Many people adore granite countertops. Its coarse-grained texture, teeming with alkali feldspar, plagioclase and quartz is both beautiful and durable. Formed from the slow cooling and underground solidifying of magma, it has a high content of alkali metal oxides and silica. The result is that granite countertops are very strong

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Facts About Law School

College student in her dorm

Studying to become a lawyer takes a lot of time, work, and dedication. Judge Napolitano knows all about that. He has put in the time to complete law school and later to move on to become a judge. Before a person enters law school Napolitano wants them to know what

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The Effect of Connecticut’s Safe Harbor Law on Businesses

In states like Connecticut and Utah, the first quarter of 2021 has seen significant changes in cybersecurity safe harbor legislation. Connecticut recently implemented a breach litigation safe harbor law to encourage businesses to safeguard their consumers’ sensitive information by using industry-approved cybersecurity standards, including the National Institute of Standards and

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