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1) A president is elected through the ______‚ in the general election.
2) In an election‚ poll results indicate that the race is extremely close; either candidate has the opportunity to win in that state and so he or she focuses tremendous efforts campaigning in that state even if the number of electoral college votes to be gained is small.These states are known as ______ states.
3) A legislation was formed by the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974‚ required increased disclosure of contributions to federal campaigns‚ which stated that groups could not make donations‚ and placed legal limits on the amounts that individuals and organizations can give to presidential‚ House‚ and Senate candidates during both the primary and general elections. As a result of this‚__________ quickly formed in order to raise campaign funds for political candidates.
4) One electoral vote for _____ is given to each state in the Electoral College.
5) Certain limitations apply to PACs (political action committees)? Pcik all of following which is applicable.
6) When a voter selects the presidential candidate from one political party and the congressional candidate from a different political party‚________ occurs in an election ‚ which has occurred more frequently over the past 50 years than ever before.
7) In all the 50 states and the District of Columbia‚ __________ is the total number of Electoral College votes .
8) In order to win the general election‚ a presidential candidate needs to secure a minimum of_________ electoral college votes .
9) Regarding the 2000 election‚ Which of the following statements are true ? (pick all that apply)
10) During the primary elections‚ __________ who are selected by voters ‚ selected at state conventions or caucuses‚ or selected automatically by the political party (Democratic Party only)‚ attend national party conventions and vote to confirm the party’s nominee for president.
11) What is an election known as ? In which there is not an incumbent candidate seeking reelection.
12) What does the Electoral College system have in ’The rules of the ?winner-take-all?’? (pick all that apply)
13) Due to ________ issues‚ Voters are most likely to abandon their parents’ political party identification and align with a different political party.
14) The term ?post-convention bump" means?
15) During an election‚ voters are most likely to vote if ? (pick all that apply)
16) Donations to political campaigns is governed by certain limits. Which of the them are applicable ? (pick all that apply)
17) Which of the following statements are NOT FALSE of Democratic and Republican national conventions? (pick all that apply)
18) The American presidential election system‚ has been criticized by many since 1950. Pointing out what?
19) Regarding midterm elections‚ which of the following statements are NOT FALSE ? (pick all that apply)
20) As a result of anti-Vietnam War demonstrations‚ what was the outcome of the violence that erupted at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968 ?(pick all that apply)
21) An Act which placed new limits on the amounts of hard money that individual donors‚ PACS‚ and non-PAC committees can donate to political campaigns‚ committees‚ and parties‚ is also known as ___________.What was an unintended result of the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA)?
22) By whom is The election ?decided ? in the event that no presidential candidate receives the majority (270) of electoral votes required to win the presidential election.
23) PACs‚ non-PAC committees and also monitors the campaigns of political candidates‚ the _________‚ ____________ Commission enforces the spending limits of individual donors to ensure that they are operating according to government regulations.
24) Which of the following groups from The 1974 Federal Election Campaign Act prohibited making financial contributions to political campaigns? (Pick all that apply)
25) The ability of a popular presidential nominee to attract votes for other candidates (such as Senators‚ Representatives‚ etc.)in the same party during a general election is known as ?_________effect.

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