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1) Who hold positions in the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and serve as advisors to the President on political decisions‚ the president has become increasingly reliant on this office in recent years? Men and women make up this __________‚ ____________ Office.
2) If the offices of president and vice president become vacant simultaneously (either people die or become unable to serve) in the event‚ What is the order of succession?
3) How the newly vacant vice-presidential position is permanently filled after the vice president succeeds the deceased or permanently disabled president ‚ according to the Twenty ? Fifth Amendment ?
4) For political advice and direction‚ President often rely on members of the Executive Office of the President (EOP).Why?
5) "Which of the following is Presidential Impeachment?I Direct and involuntary removal of the president from officeIIThe bringing of formal‚ legal charges against a president"
6) The president has ability to sign _______________ agreements with other nations without approval by the Senate; these agreements are binding and have much the same effect as a treaty.
7) A ceremonial position used to personify and symbolize the power of the nation to the nation itself and to the world is primarily The president’s position as Chief of___________ .
8) Which of the presidents usually veto approximately of all bills that Congress passed?
9) Which of the following is the primary duty of the president as Chief Executive‚ who is responsible for ensuring that ?laws are faithfully executed?.
10) Which was the first war in which American people gave overwhelming support for an internationalist foreign policy and the participation of U.S. in world affairs?
11) This came about primarily as a result of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the Vietnam conflict‚ limited the president’s power by requiring the president to obtain congressional approval for the ____________‚ _____________ Act of 1974 placing American troops for a period longer than sixty days.
12) Which of the following is the responsibilities of the The president’s chief of staff ‚ who is a member of the White House Office? (pick all that apply)
13) While in office ‚ much of a president’s success depends upon his or her______?
14) A resolution authorized the president to place troops in the Vietnam conflict for an indefinite amount of time. This was the Gulf of _________________ Resolution‚ passed by Congress in 1964.
15) What is the primary agent of directing foreign policy in United States?
16) Presidents view themselves as representing the people as a whole who take a_________ approach to their position ‚ and thus‚ may act outside the bounds of the Constitution when they feel that the action is in the best interest of the people.
17) Below are the presidents who have been impeached. (Pick all that apply)
18) The director of the CIA‚ chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff‚ Secretary of Defense‚ Secretary of State‚ and executive branch officials‚ including the president and vice president is a ____________ _______________ Council‚ responsible for advising the president on national security and foreign policy matters.
19) When a president indirectly rejects a bill by refusing to sign the legislation after Congress has adjourned‚ _____________ veto occurs.
20) A Supreme Court case upheld the presidential power of executive privilege‚ in the 1974 U.S. Supreme Court case________ vs.‚ in this particular case the president ruled but did not have an executive privilege.
21) Which of the following is not an official duty of the vice president According to the Constitution?
22) A term or period of time between a November election and the time in January when newly elected officials enter office is known as a ________. This term can also refer to a President or Congressperson who has not been reelected and is approaching the end of his or her term
23) The change in the order of the presidential line of succession and guidelines for presidential disability was passed after the death of President ____________ ‚of The Twenty-Fifth Amendment.
24) How can the bill become a law‚ even if the president vetoes a bill?
25) Who holds the highest rank in the United States armed forces?
26) When can the vice-president serve as ?acting president? according to the Twenty-Fifth Amendment? (Pick all that apply)
27) "When must the President obtain the Senate’s approval‚ In the area of foreign policy.I-When signing an executive agreement with other nations II-When entering into a treaty with other nations"
28) Which grants release from punishment for a crime? And which postpones punishment for a crime?
29) Below are the list of presidential powers? (Pick all that apply)
30) A special type of veto that gives the president the ability to veto specific sections of a bill is a ___________-item veto‚ which was declared to be unconstitutional in the case Clinton v. New York because it provided the President with too much legislative power.

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