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Date: 22/04/2019 22:33:03
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1) Which policy is a type of domestic public policy intend to oversee human activity‚ including individuals‚ the government‚ and business?
2) When Public policy costs are limited to a fairly small number or citizens‚ they are said to be _________concentrated‚ or when a specific group of citizens are distributed across most or all citizens‚ then they are_____________ distributed.
3) While implementing a new public policy‚ what is one of the greatest challenges?
4) In the American government‚ policy can be made at many different levels and is influenced by many different groups Because of federalism (division of powers) ; as a result‚ one piece of legislation never addresses the full scope of the policy issue. Rather‚ public policy is often slowly formed and numerous pieces of legislation address with various aspects of the policy issue. These statements describe the concept of policy ._____________
5) Once ____ or the ______forms and adopts a public policy‚ these institutions are also responsible for implementing and carrying out the policy.
6) What are the policies that has been formulated and adopted from the following statements?(Pick all that apply)
7) In order for the public policy to be implemented‚ ______________ is the monetary or non monetary burden that someone must bear .
8) Regarding public policy making‚ which of the following statements are true? (Pick all that apply)
9) The most important decision affecting policymaking‚ as well as setting up a/an ___________ is the second step in policymaking‚ When the government acts to form public policy.

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