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Date: 22/04/2019 21:38:18
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1) During primary elections‚ Republican candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are most successful in securing the party nomination historically‚ if they appeal to voters who are________.
2) ___________ political party is generally‚ supported by African Americans.
3) Most American voters describe themselves as being ____________in regard to their political ideology.
4) Upon political issues‚ most Americans hold a political ideology and take ideologically consistent views.
5) Tthe public’s confidence in the federal government‚ government leaders‚ and government institutions has ________since the 1950s and1960s.
6) Candidates from each party attempt to _________during a presidential general election.
7) which of the following groups in recent elections did the Democratic coalition‚ groups of voters with varying ideologies who voted Democratic? (pick all that apply)
8) In order to represent and gain information about the larger population group‚ In scientific polling‚___________ is a group of people taken from part of a larger population group.
9) A statistic used to express the random error present in the results of a survey or poll‚ is the sampling______________ in scientific polling.
10) ________ and _______ are the two major political parties‚ who represent a wide variety of groups who hold the same ideologies.
11) _______ is most likely supported by Evangelical Christians who make up the Moral Majority.
12) The most significant influence on the formation of an individual’s political attitudes and values are as below. Which of the following is applicable.
13) which of the following is ideally supported by Democrats (pick all that apply)?
14) Public opinion polls must (pick all that apply)‚ In order to avoid bias.
15) Southern White voters is best described by which of the following statements? (pick all that apply)
16) "How strongly a person or group feels about a certain issue is _________.The degree to which a certain issue is important to a specific group or person is ____________ . How the public’s opinion on a certain issue changes over time is____________ ."
17) Which of the following groups? (pick all that apply) of voters with varying ideologies who voted Republican‚In recent elections‚ at the Republican coalition.
18) Which of the following beliefs is contained in the term ?liberal? ‚ which refers to a political ideology (pick all that apply).
19) Regarding voting behavior in recent presidential elections ‚ Which of the following statements are true ?(pick all that apply)
20) The most influential factor on a person’s political beliefs in adulthood is _________.
21) Citizens with strong political ideologies are likely to be ______________‚ when compared to the average American.
22) Below are the statements related to religion and political behavior. Which of them are true? (pick all that apply)
23) He or she is more likely to be actively involved in the political process‚when a person’s __________ status is higher.
24) Public opinion polls must (pick all that apply)‚ In order to avoid bias.
25) The differences in the voting patterns of men and women is termed as ___________ ____________.
26) The random sampling method of actual voters can result in a highly accurate measure of public opinion‚ with exit polls‚ voters leaving polling locations on election day are randomly selected and polled‚ resulting in lower sample __________________ .
27) Below are the statements true regarding gender in general . (pick all that apply)
28) Below are the issues which are likely to be supported by voters with a higher education level (pick all that apply).
29) A person’s political party _________ and political ___________‚ is most significantly influenced by The family.
30) Below are the sources by which individuals develop and attain political opinions‚ ideas‚ and values often comes from (pick all that apply).

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