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Date: 22/04/2019 21:38:06
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1) Bills are sent by the Speaker of the House or the Senate majority leader to the______‚ once bills are sponsored or introduced.
2) Filibusters are not common in the House as they are in the Senate. Which of them?
3) The details of proposed legislation are worked out by Committees which are often divided into __________.
4) In order to force a pigeonholed bill‚ a bill that is stuck in a House or Senate committee‚ out of committee and onto the floor for a vote‚ the House or Senate can use a method known as a____________ petition .
5) House majority leader is elected by ________.
6) Amendments are allowed in the Senate but not in the House. These are _____________ amendments that are completely unrelated to the original bill.
7) The way a member of Congress votes is most likely influenced by the below. Select that is applicable.
8) When the vice president is not in attendance‚ the________________ is an honorary position that is required by the Constitution and generally given to a Senator from the majority party who has the longest continual service record‚ serves as the presiding officer of the Senate.
9) A position that is second only to the Speaker‚ is the the House Majority ___________‚which leads the House by determining the majority party’s legislative and policy agendas.
10) The bill goes through the _____________ Committee‚ once a House committee reports a bill out favorably‚ and determines the amount of time allocated for debate and whether or not amendments to the bill can be considered.
11) Permanent Congressional committees that complete much of the work in Congress and are responsible for proposing legislation to the entire House or Senate for further consideration and are __________________ committees. (such as the Ways and Means Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee)
12) A process known as ____________ must occur‚ If other members of the Senate wish to end the filibuster‚in which 60 senators sign a petition to end the filibuster.
13) The presiding officer of the House‚ is selected by the majority party‚ is responsible for selecting committee members and chairpersons‚ and determines which bills will be directed to which committees. This is the_______________ of the House of Representatives.
14) Senators and members of the House of Representatives most often have been ____________ prior to entering politics ‚professionally speaking.
15) ___________ is the Immigration Act of 1924.
16) The houses of Congress limits each member to five minutes to speak on a bill‚ does not allow bill amendments known as riders‚ and requires that all bill amendments be relevant to the original purpose of the bill. Which of the following does this?
17) The tie-breaking vote is cast by the president of the Senate‚in the case of a tie in a Senate vote. And this is a position held by the________.
18) Unlimited time to debate a bill‚ proposal of an amendment to a bill by any member‚ and the attachment of riders to bills is allowed by the following houses of Congress. Select the appropriate.
19) Bills that provide House members’ home districts or Senators’ states with beneficial tax-payer funded major public works projects such as federal funding of highway construction‚ military base construction‚ dams‚ or river improvements are passed by _____________ -barrel legislation.
20) In the Senate‚ when a senator speaks for an extended period of time‚ only giving up the floor to like-minded senators‚ in an effort to delay action on a bill or kill the bill entirely‚ is tactic used by the senate known as a _________________ .
21) Describe when does a bill become law?
22) The task of ______________ regulatory agencies and other executive departments is handled by committees and subcommittees‚ in the House and the Senate.
23) A congressional committee chairperson is from the_____________ party in that house of Congress.
24) Inorder to sponsor bills (introduce legislation) in Congress‚ who holds the power ?
25) The Congressional committees are made up of the Senators and House members who were on committees that originally wrote the bill. and these are_____________ committees‚ designed to work out differences in the Senate and House versions of the same piece of legislation and arrive at a compromise bill.
26) __________ determines the Senate’s legislative agenda and initiates policy and the true leadership in the Senate rests in these hands.
27) When members of Congress vote for other members’ bills‚ even though the bills do not impact their own constituency‚ _____________ occurs.
28) Committee assignments are much more significant than _____________ committee assignments‚ because the rules for debating and amending bills are much stricter and limited in the ____________ than they are in the ____________ ___________.
29) Which house of Congress describes the legislative procedure ; a process once a committee reports a bill out favorably‚ the bill is placed onto the calendar for floor consideration and the bill’s sponsors must unanimously agree on when debate on the bill will begin.
30) Specific purposes such as examining a particular issue or concern‚ and function for the purpose of investigating issues‚ not proposing legislation are done by _______________ committees ‚ which are temporary Congressional committees appointed for a limited peiod.

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