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Date: 22/04/2019 22:29:36
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1) In the Senate elections‚ following statements are true (pick all that apply)
2) Congressional districts are determined for the House of Representatives. How is it determied?
3) Which of the Following powers are NOT given to the House of Representatives ?(pick all that apply)
4) The right to send postal mail for free for non-private use‚ is given to each Senator and Congress person is known as ____ privilege.
5) Which of the following powers does the Senate DO NOT hold (pick all that apply)
6) With the intent of being a deliberative‚ less partisan body focused on making decisions with a long-term outlook rather than decisions influenced by momentary zeal‚ Which of the following legislative bodies was formed by the Constitutional framers ?
7) With the intent of influencing an election outcome for a certain political party or candidate‚ __is the deliberate rearranging of the boundaries of a congressional district.
8) The principle of ?one person‚ one vote? was upheld by the 1964 Supreme Court case Wessberry v. _____ (1963)and required that state legislatures ensure that each House district in the state has an approximately equal population.
9) What are the Congress people and senators known as ? ‚ who take into consideration the views of their constituents but ultimately vote based on their own judgment or principles.
10) Which of the following are enumerated/delegated powers of Congress‚ according to the Constitution ? (pick all that apply)
11) What is the candidate known as ‚ when a current member of Congress is running for reelection?
12) The issue of ?one person‚ one vote? was addressed by The 1962 Supreme Court case v. ___Carr‚ and ruled that the Court did have power to decide or intervene in reapportionment (determining the arrangement and boundaries of House districts in a state) cases.
13) Who would become the president if both the president and vice president were unable to serve?
14) Because of the following‚ incumbent candidates‚ current members of Congress running for reelection‚ often have an advantage in an election. (pick all that apply)
15) What are the Congress people and senators known as ? who maintain close contact with their constituents and typically vote in a manner consistent with the views of their constituents.
16) Congress passed the ‚ ___which required that states establish congressional districts with the majority of the population being minorities‚ In order to give minority political candidates an increased opportunity for representation in the House of Representatives.
17) The maximum number of terms a Senator or member of the House of Representatives can serve is _____
18) Below statements are NOT False of the Senate? (pick all that apply)
19) Approximately ____% of the time in elections‚ incumbent candidates in the House of Representatives have been reelected over the last 30 years.
20) Following are duties that cannot be carried out by state or federal House of Representatives or Senate. Which of these are applicable (pick all the apply).
21) In order to create discticts that contain approximately the same number of people‚ The National census‚ is completed every 10 years‚ which is used to measure population shift and fair establish boundary lines for congressional districts in each state. This statement describes the principle of ?
22) While determining the boundaries of a congressional district‚ _____Supreme Court case ruled that states cannot use race as the only or primary factor.
23) Following statements are NOT False of House elections.Select all that apply.
24) In the House of Representatives‚ which of the following are NOT False? (pick all that apply)

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