CLEP American Government Practice Tests

The American Government Test covers what is commonly taught in the American Government and Politics courses, such as Political Science course, around the United States. It is testing one’s understanding in political practices and behaviors.

The Scope

The American Government Test is an exam that contains around 100 questions that tackle topics such as policy and institutions of the federal government, civil liberties, political parties, political institutions, political practices and behaviors, and the Constitution. The exam has to be completed in 90 minutes.

Skills Required

  • Knowledge of the American politics
  • Background of the American government
  • Understanding of political patterns, processes, and behaviors
  • Knowledge on the governmental structures and procedures
  • Interpretation of data significant to American government and politics

American Government Practice Test

It is important to take American Government Practice Test before one engages to the actual examination. The practice test will allow the applicant to take a quick sample test to gauge his knowledge of the wide-range of topics that are covered in the American Government Test. There are several accredited practice test centers where the applicant can test his knowledge of the American Government Test.

The Benefits

Before one submits himself to an examination, he must be prepared for it. That is why there are institutions that hone the knowledge and skills of applicants to prepare them to the exam or test they will be taking. The American Government Practice Test, for one, has programs that prepare applicants for the actual examination. It tests the applicant how well he is familiar with the topics covered in the American Government Practice Test. 

The benefits of taking American Government Practice Test include the following:

  • The practice is done under realistic testing environment
  • It familiarizes the applicant to time-pressured examination
  • It makes the applicant more confident of the examination he will be facing
  • The practice test covers the materials an applicant is expected to know for the American Government Test
  • It lets the applicant know how knowledgeable he is on the topics to be tackled in the American Government Test
  • The practice test can pinpoint the strength of the applicant, so he can focus more on areas that need to be studied more
  • The practice test gives out scores in an instant. The practice test will show the applicant which of the topics he has not mastered yet, and he can review or study these topics again until he has mastered it.
  • The applicant is introduced to situations he will be facing during the actual American Government Test which will allow him to prepare ways on how to handle such situations
  • The American Government Practice Test will give the applicant an idea on how prepared or unprepared he is for the actual examination.

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