CLEP Practice Tests

The CLEP or College Level Examination Program is the most trusted credit-by-examination program which gives you the opportunity to impress a college admission officer or a prospective employer with your vast knowledge. A good score in CLEP can help you save a whole year in college and get your degree in two or three years. You can save your precious time and money! How does it sound? Are you interested? First check your institution’s CLEP Policy. Find out which CLEP exams will it grant credit for and number of credits too. Get a CLEP test study guide and start preparing for the test! It is remarkable that the CLEP program is recognized by 2,900 colleges and universities and administered in more than 1,800 test centers.

College Level Examination Program offers 33 exams in 5 different subject areas, such as History & Social Sciences, Composition & Literature, Science & Mathematics, Business and World Languages. Apart from a few tests offering essay questions, generally a CLEP exam consists of multiple choice questions. The 90 minute exams cost $80 each. Choose the right one for you. Prepare well and work out sample question papers. You need to register for the CLEP exam. You can select the nearest test center and your score recipient institution. You can schedule your test date too! As CLEP exams are offered periodically throughout the year, take your time! Register for the test once you feel that you are thoroughly prepared. Make sure that you can do your best! So don’t stress yourself and avoid last minute preparation. CLEP scores are marked on a 20-80 scale. If your exam doesn’t have essay questions, you can know your score immediately after the exam from the test centre.

The learner can take an exam either computer based or paper based, depending on the test and the testing center. Colleges have their own acceptance policy for accepting these exams. Some of the colleges only consider a definite amount of credits from examinations and other colleges will only consider examinations that were taken while the learner was enrolled in the college. There are some colleges that have no limits on the amount of credits received through exams. For saving money and time, many of the people prefer to take CLEP exams.

Here we are having some benefits for CLEP, those are:

  • Develop your degree
  • Allow you to skip beginner courses
  • You are able to take higher level courses faster
  • Helps you determine your readiness for classes
  • Apply knowledge you already have
  • Save money on books and tuition
  • Save time

Everybody can’t sit for the CLEP test, so it is important to know the eligibility requirements. Those requirements are:

  • High school graduates
  • Students that pass the GED
  • High school seniors
  • Adults, who are continuing their education

This test is offered by the College Board. This CLEP test will take approximately 90 minutes and for this exam they charged $80 for every attempt. These tests are free to U.S. military service members and some veterans and there is an extra fee of $10 for the optional essay section of other exams. Generally each exam corresponds to a one or two semester’s introductory course on the topic, such as Spanish, French, and German Language exams, which can be used to gain up to 12 credits.

Main steps to taking the CLEP exam:

  • Find out your institution's CLEP credit policy.
  • Prepare for your exam(s)
  • Schedule test day with your test center.
  • Register to take an exam
  • Choose the subject, in which learner would like to appear for CLEP test.

How to Register for a CLEP Exam

The following steps to register for a CLEP exam:

Find Out Your College's CLEP Policy

Each CLEP exams college has its own policy to grant credits.  We should contact the admission officer to learn about CLEP exam policy at your institution. Before you are appearing for CLEP exam and you are not registered in a college, you can send your score after enroll

Log In to the My Account Registration Portal

By using registration portal you can create or modify your account. You can register CLEP exam 24/7 by using registration platform and edit your information at any time before taking an exam.

Schedule Appointment with the Test Center

These examinations are conducted throughout the year.  They are over 1800 CLEP exam centers in U.S. and overseas. In My Account section, you can find up-to-date information about examination centers. The mostimportant one, after registering to the exam is to contact your test center to arrange your appointment to test. By registration for an exam it provides payment information and ticket id but you need to contact examination center to schedule your test.

The fee for CLEP exam is $80. In addition to the exam fee, you have to pay nonrefundable administration fee, which can payable directly to the institution. Confirm the amount payable and method of payment with test centers

CLEP Credits

Appearing for an entrance test for colleges or taking a clep exam, what ever the exam fee you are going to pay for the test will be credited to you. Though you have to pass the course of same material? To learn how to get credit, what you already know.

College's CLEP Policy

Presently there are 2,900 colleges and universities are granted the credits of CLEP exams, and every university is having their own CLEP policy. Every institution distinguishes the exams for which the award credits i.e., if you have to get credits then you must get the minimum marks in the exam, after then basing on the exam you qualified the amount of credits will be granted.

How Much Credit Can You Earn?

The earning of credits may vary from the exams of the CLEP as for the institutions the min credits that you can earn through taking a CLEP exams is 12 credits.

Minimum Qualifying Score

The minimum score to qualify the CLEP exam and the credits to earn will be displayed in the college catalog or brochure. If the minimum score is not available in the brochure then you may go and ask the institution to find out the minimum score for exam you’re considering.

Things to know what to do on CLEP Exam Day

Register for CLEP test before applying for CLEP test. To take the test below are the criteria:

  • Become familiar with exam timing
  • Subsections
  • Optional essays
  • How your CLEP score is computed
  • Uses of graphic and scientific calculators.

On CLEP Exam day prepare with below points

» Test takers should carry CLEP exam registration ticket
» Take the exam center printouts or registration forms which are necessary by CLEP test center
» Candidates need to bring a primary Identity proof which includes photograph and signature, such as

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Government-issued identification

» Before appearing for test, applicants must take a secondary form of identity that includes photo and/or signature, such as a student ID
» Before going to CLEP exam date the candidate should fill out all required paperwork
» Need to fill a Student ID Form who doesn’t have government-issued ID, the form which is valid for 1 year. The Student ID form must be accompanied by

  • Recognizable photo
  • A school or notary seal overlapping the photo
  • Signed in front of a school official or notary

» Who are writing Military test they need to bring their military ID and Social Security card

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If a person has disability such as physical or learning disability, which may prevent you from taking an exam in normal conditions but you may request the test center for a convenient arrangement. You need to contact your preferred test center in advance to make necessary arrangements find out last date to submit your documents and approval of accommodations.

Accommodations arranged by test center directly such as:

  • ZoomText (screen magnification)
  • Modifiable screen colors
  • May arrange a reader, amanuensis, or a sign language interpreter
  • Extended time
  • Untimed rest breaks

CLEP Practice Test Choose by Subject

Here are the 30 subjects covered in CLEP

  •  Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 
  • English Composition
  •  English Literature
  •  Freshman College Composition 
  •  Humanities 
  •  French Language Levels 1 and 2 
  •  German Language Levels 1 and 2 
  •  Spanish Language Levels 1 and 2 
  •  Human Growth and Development 
  •  Introduction to Educational Psychology 
  •  Pre-calculus 
  •  Principles of Macroeconomics 
  •  Principles of Microeconomics 
  •  Introductory Psychology 
  •  Introductory Sociology 
  •  Social Sciences and History 
  •  History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877 
  •  History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present 
  •  Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 
  •  Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present
  •  Calculus 
  •  College Algebra 
  •  College Mathematics
  •  Biology 
  •  Chemistry
  •  Natural Sciences 
  •  Information Systems and Computer Applications 
  •  Principles of Management 
  •  Financial Accounting 
  •  Introductory Business Law  
  •  Principles of Marketing