Big Brother 2015 Housemates

2015 Big Brother Housemates update here soon.....

The Big Brother 15 2014 Housemates

Name Age on Entry Hometown Twitter ID
Ash Harrison 26 Manchester  
Ashleigh Coyle 18 Derry @classicfox
Chris Wright 33 New Forest @helenwood86
Christopher Hall 23 County Fermanagh @kimberly_kisse
Danielle McMahon 25 Glasgow @mrmarkbyron
Helen Wood 27 Bolton @MatthewDavies
Jale Karaturp 33 Surrey  
Kimberly Kisselovich 23 Los Angeles, California @stevenjbgoode
Mark Byron 24 Liverpool  
Marlon Wallen 22 Croydon @winston_showan
Matthew Davies 23 Hertfordshire @MatthewDavies__
Pauline Bennett 49 Wolverhampton  
Steven Goode 23 Bushey @stevenjbgoode
Tamara Stewart-Wood 24 London  
Toya Washington 29 North London @toya_w
Winston Showan 27 Brentwood @winston_showan

The Big Brother 14 2013 Housemates

Name Age on entry Hometown
Callum Knell 28 Maidstone
Charlie Travers 26 Berkhamsted
Daley Ojuederie 28 London
Dan Neal 33 London
Dexter Koh 28 London
Gina Rio 24 London
Hazel O'Sullivan 24 Dublin
Jack and Joe Glenny 18 Cheshunt
Jackie Travers 59 Berkhamsted
Jemima Slade 41 London
Sallie Axl 26 Wirral
Sam Evans 23 Llanelli
Sophie Lawrence 20 London
Wolfy Millington 20 Bolton

The Big Brother 13 2012 Housemates

Name Age on entry Hometown
Adam Kelly 27 Los Angeles, United States
Arron Lowe 23 Manchester
Ashleigh Hughes 20 Romford
Becky Hannon 19 Blackburn
Benedict Garrett 32 Manchester
Caroline Wharram 20 Kingston upon Thames
Chris James 21 Luton
Conor McIntyre 24 Londonderry
Deana Uppal 23 Wednesbury
Lauren Carre 20 Jersey
Luke Anderson 31 North Wales
Luke Scrase 24 Stoke-on-Trent
Lydia Louisa 25 Cheshire
Sara McLean 22 Edinburgh
Scott Mason 21 Macclesfield
Shievonne Robinson 28 London
Victoria Eisermann 41 Reading

The Big Brother 12 2011 Housemates

Name Age Hometown
Andrew Edmonds 19 Wimborne Minster, Dorset
Benjamin "Ben" Duncan 30 London
Caoimhe Guilfoyle 22 Dublin, Ireland
Corin Forshaw 29 Stockport
David "Dave" Vaughan 39 Pontypool
Govan Hinds 21 Leicester
Gloria Ifeoluwa "Ife" Kuku 25 Milton Keynes
Joe John "JJ" Bird 23 London
Jo Butler 41 Luton
John James Parton 24 Melbourne, Australia
Josie Gibson 25 Bristol
Keeley Johnson 30 Manchester
Laura McAdam 20 Stratford-upon-Avon
Mario Mugan 28 Essex
Nathan Dunn 26 Bingley, West Yorkshire
Rachael White 23 Nottingham
Rachel Ifon 29 Liverpool
Samuel "Sam" Pepper 21 Kent
Keeley "Shabby" Katchadourian 24 London
Steven "Steve" Gill 41 Leicester
Yvette "Sunshine" Martyn 24 Peterborough

The Big Brother 11 2010 Housemates

The eleventh Big Brother Summer series has fourteen contestants, thirteen were pre choose and the fourteenth contestant was chosen through random draw held by Davina from the 81 potential housemates. The fourteenth housemate chosen was Mario, who was assigned an undercover mission of being a mole and interfering with the house for four days without raising any suspicion. If on the fourth day he would be suspected as the 'mole', he would be evicted at the spot. But after the four days mission majority of the contestants could not identify him as a mole and hence he was allowed to stay at the Big Brother house.

The contestants of the eleventh series are

Benjamin Duncan or Ben a thirty year old writer from London who had appeared on TV shows like Ladette to Lady.

Caoimhe Guilfoyle, the second contestant is a 22 year students and part time DJ from Dublin. She is also a self proclaimed fag hag.

Corin Forshaw, a 29 year old retail worker from Stockport  .

Dave Vaughan, a 39 year old family man from Pontypool, Whales and is a Christian Minister and former postman and pest controller.

Govan Zachariah Hinds a 21-year-old bisexual voluntary worker from Leicester.

Ife Kuku a 25-year-old professional dancer from Milton Keynes who worked as a backup dancer and backing vocalist.

John James Parton a 24-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, who worked as a vehicle body builder.

Josie Gibson, a 25 year old financial sales representative from Bristol.

Mario Mugan, a 28 year old from Essex and the randomly chosen candidate offered with a four day undercover mission of a mole.

Nathan Dunn, a 25 year old to be joiner from Bingley in Yorkshire.

Rachel White, a 23 year old hair stylist from Nottingham.

Shabby Eliot-Katchadourian, a 24 year old lesbian from London. She works as a film maker and had appeared in movies as a child.

Steve Gill, a 40 year old ex British Army soldier who lost both his legs and an eye in a bomb blast.

Yvette Martin or Sunshine who is a 24 year old medical student from Peterborough.

Big Brother 2010 Housemates

Big Brother 2010 Housemates Josie Josie
Age: 25
Home: Bristol
Job: Financial Sales Rep
Starsign: Aquarius
Status: Single
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Steve Steve
Age: 40
Home: Leicester
Job: Ex HM Forces
Starsign: Cancer
Status: Married
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Ben Ben
Age: 30
Home: London
Job: Writer and Broadcaster
Starsign: Taurus
Status: Single
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Rachael Rachael
Age: 23
Home: Nottingham
Job: Hair stylist / professional Beyonce look-a-like
Starsign: Aquarius
Status: Single
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Nathan Nathan
Age: 25
Home: Bingley, Yorkshire
Job: Trainee Joiner
Starsign: Taurus
Status: Single
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Dave Dave
Age: 39
Home: Pontypool, Wales
Job: Minister
Starsign: Gemini
Status: Married
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Caoimhe Caoimhe
Age: 22
Home: Dublin
Job: Student
Starsign: Capricorn
Status: Watch this space
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Govan Govan
Age: 21
Home: Leicester
Job: Voluntary worker
Starsign: Pisces
Status: Single
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Shabby Shabby (aka Keeley)
Age: 24
Home: London
Job: Filmmaker
Starsign: Taurus
Status: In a relationship
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Ife Ife
Age: 25
Home: Milton Keynes
Job: Professional Dancer
Starsign: Virgo
Status: Engaged
Big Brother 2010 Housemates John James John James
Age: 24
Home: Melbourne, Australia
Job: Retired vehicle body builder
Starsign: Virgo
Status: Single
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Sunshine Sunshine
Age: 24
Home: Peterborough
Job: Medical Student
Starsign: Virgo
Status: Single
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Corin Corin
Age: 29
Home: Stockport
Job: Retail
Starsign: Aries
Status: In a relationship
Big Brother 2010 Housemates Mario Mario
Age: 28
Home: Essex
Job: Unemployed
Starsign: Pisces
Status: Single