Big Brother History

Almost everyone who loves watching TV is familiar with the TV reality show Big Brother which is broadcasted in UK and many other countries around the world. In this very popular show, around 12 to 15 contestants who have never met before are made to live together in a large house isolated from everything in the outside world. That is not just it; they are being watched day and night by cameras set at every nook and corner of the house.

The very first Big Brother show

The name of the show Big Brother comes from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty Four in which Big Brother is a leader who sees and hears everything.

The first Big Brother show was aired in the year 1999 in Netherland and was aired on the Veronica T V channel and was an instant hit among the viewers. Nine contestants who have never ever even heard of each other were selected and made to live in the Big Brother mansion at Almere, surrounded by microphones and cameras every single moment. This show lasted for a 106 days starting from 16th September 1999 to 30th December 1999 and was presented by Rolf Wouters and Dutch model Daphne Deckers. The contestants were kept isolated from everything in the outside world and provided only the basic amenities of life like limited ration of food, water, and basic furniture. They were not allowed to meet or even phone their loved ones, and were even restricted to use TV, radio and newspapers. Though this was the life inside the big brother house, each contestant worked their very best to peel off their frustration to be selected as the winner; who is the last remaining contestant in the house. Twenty two year old Bart Spring in't Veld became the very first winner in the Big Brother History.

First Big Brother show in U K

The first UK version of Big Brother was aired live in the year 2000 and was an instant hit among the viewers. It was broadcasted in Channel 4 and 14 in the month of July and this very first series won the British Academy Television Award in the category of Innovative show. This series with 11 housemates lasted for a period of two months and 52 episodes and the most talented and beautiful Davina Mc Call who has remained the host of Big Brother show starting from the Season 1.

The well deserved winner of Season 1 Big Brother series was Craig Phillip who was a very nice and down to earth chap with full of smiles. This building company owner gave away his prize money of £70.000 to help a friend to have a heart and lung transplant. Today he is presenting the early morning DIY show and is assisting employer engagements.

Winners of the UK Big Brother Show

The second series was aired from May 25 to 27 July 2001 with 11 housemates and 23 year old Brian Dowling, a holiday rep and air steward became the winner. This homosexual persona was loved by the viewers for his humor and charm.

The winner of the third series is a IT help Desk manager, Kate Lawler who became the first female winner. The third series started with 14 housemates and aired 72 episodes on channel.

The fourth series which started on 23rd March 2003 with 14 contestants aired 73 episodes. Cameron Stout, who worked as a fish trader Scotland, recognized for his gentle nature and strong evangelical Christian beliefs won the show.

The fifth series of Big Brother started on 28th may 2004 with 13 contestants and aired 82 episodes. The winner of this series was Nadia Almanda a transsexual contestant who spent the show being a feisty character.

The season six Big Brother show winner was the fun loving and nice guy, Antony Hutton who worked as a 70's dancer before getting into the show. The sixth series started off with 16 housemates and aired 90 episodes on television.

The Season Seven Big Brother series started from May 18 2006 and telecasted 107 episodes on television. The winner of the show was Pete Bennett who was loved by the housemates and the viewer for his crazy and fun personality.

The Big Brother Series 8 had the most number of contestants in the history of the show and aired 96 episodes. The nineteen year old Brian Belo, the down to earth and simple contestant from Essex won the series after being "left behind" in the house by the remaining 22 contestants.

Rachael Rice, the simple, nice and caring girl from whales won the Season 9 Big Brother Series. This series started on the fifth of June 2008 with 21 contestants and aired 108 episodes.

The last Big Brother Series aired from 4 June 2009 started off with 22 contestants and covered one hundred eight episodes on TV. Sophie Reade, the pretty, kind and funny contestant was the winner of this series.

Seven Celebrity Series and Big Brother have also been aired till now and the celebrity series are held in the month of January and for a shorter duration. And the very first celebrity series held in the year 2001 was won by Jack Dee, an English stand up comedian and writer. The celebrity series gives away the prize money to the charity nominated by the winner. The winner of the last Big Brother celebrity series held during January 2014 is the British Professional mixed martial art fighter and actor, Alex Reid.

Big Brother has also conducted three Spin off series which are Big Brother Teen 2003 Series, Big Brother Pantomime 2005 and Big Brother Celebrity Hijack series 2008.

Awards won by the Big Brother show

The Big Brother Show had won the Most Popular Factual Program Award presented at National Television Awards for the Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 3 series. The big Brother Series 5, 6 and 7 won the Most Popular Reality Program Award presented at the National Television Awards. And in the Digital Spy Reality TV awards 2009, Davina McCall won the Best Host and Reality TV Legend Award.