Zimbabwe Flag

Zimbabwe Flag
Zimbabwe Flag
  • Official Name: Republic of Zimbabwe.
  • Capital: Harare
  • Area: 390, 580 Sq. km.
  • Official Language: English.
  • Flag Ratio: 1:2
  • National Anthem: Kalibusiswe Llizwe le Zimbabwe "Blessed Be the Land of Zimbawe"(1994)
Zimbabwe Flag Information
Use State flag and civil ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted April 18, 1980
Design Seven horizontal stripes with white triangle containing red color with Zimbabwe National Bird
Zimbabwe Flag Colors

Officially, the meanings of the colors on the flag are as follows:

  • Green: the agriculture and rural areas of Zimbabwe
  • Yellow: the wealth of minerals in the country
  • Red: the blood hut throughout the first and second Chimurenga
  • Black: the legacy and civilization of the inhabitant Africans of Zimbabwe
  • White: peace
  • Zimbabwe Bird: The National Symbol of Zimbabwe
  • Red Star: the nation's hopes and aspirations for the future
Zimbabwe Flag Pictures
Flag of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe Rhodesia 1979 - 1980
Flag of Zimbabwe Rhodesia 1979–1980
The Zimbabwean flag flying
The Zimbabwean flag flying