Yuba City Attractions

  • You think about a land with varied climate and geographical conditions and you would think about California.
  • You think about the smallest mountain range and the name that would come up would be YUBA CITY.
Culture and Race
  • Comparable to California’s culture is the Culture of this metropolitan city with people from all religions and race. Punjabi population can be called as the largest of all in the entire California.
  • Yuba City is known for its largest Sikh parade wherein people from India, Canada and entire US join each other.
  • Yuba City which was found in 1849 is also known as Yuba Sutter because of its land for agriculture initially started by John Sutter.
  • It’s surrounded by Feather River and Sacramento River.
  • It now has very diverse attractions in itself.

The major attractions include

  • The existence and recognition of the Yuba City is because of its agricultural heritage given by John Sutter.
  • Despite of the fire, storms, and floods this city was courageous enough to dwell and create its heritage.
  • The ten leading crops grown here are: rice, beans, tomatoes, melons, alfalfa, hay, and tree crops of peaches, almonds, walnuts and plums.
  • You can also find the vineyards of premium grapes.
  • One of the best times to see the agricultural and cultural heritage of the city is the Prune festival when Prune dishes, drinks and country music blend with each other.
Bok Kai Festival
  • This is the time to worship the Chinese God of water- Bok Eye.
  • It’s celebrated to pay tribute to Chinese workers at the time of gold rush.
  • The Dragon dace is an important part of the festivals and you can find other entertainment activities such as, art exhibition, pancake breakfast, mile run, town parade, and many other things.
  • One more thing that would attract you would be the chimes and colors working as an important part of the festival.
Bicentennial Living Witness Tree
  • If you want a witness for the day when the constitution was signed up then these trees are witnesses to it.
  • While moving on the highway 99, the valley for these trees can be easily located.
  • Isn’t it interesting to see witnesses which are there for over 200 years now?
Sierra Nevada
  • This smallest mountain range is a part of Yuba City and is a wonderful attraction for you to look at.
  • The public access to interiors is restricted.

Cultural Venues & Attractions

Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County

  • The museum stores the heritage and treasures of the city in it.
  • You can imagine the lifestyle of the people by looking at the unique and common objects preserved in the museum.
  • It was established during Gold rush to preserve the treasures available and operated by Local Government it offers free entry.
Plumas Street, Yuba City

Being the heart of Yuba cit you an find anything you want for yourselves.

Second Street, Yuba City
  • Expanded from Bridge Street to the Garden highway, this is a masterpiece for best architect designs.
  • You can see the classical and roman style of historical buildings on this Second Street.
Beale Air Force Base
  • One of the unique features of this base is that the fastest aircrafts rest at this base station. To name few are the sleek SR-71, the Blackbirds and the Thundernails.
  • This has more than 3000 personnel in total.
Ellis Lake
  • Being occupied with Feather River and Sacramento River Yuba city has no abundance of lakes as well.
  • You would find this occupied with families with small children who prefer playing with the ducks and enjoy boating.
  • The red, yellow and blue lights of the fountain would simply take your breath away adding on to the beauty of the lake.
Leisure and Water activities
  • The leisure time is the best time to go for Water Skiing, Fishing, Horseback Riding and Rodeos.
  • If in case you are more interested in swimming, diving or rafting, then Yuba City has options for you.
  • The lakes here have plenty of offers for you to pick. The best services are provided by the River guide services.
Natural attractions
  • Parks, Recreational activities, events programs, adult softball etc. can also be found in Yuba City. No matter if you‘re and adult or young this place has it in store for you. All you need is to step ahead and take your pick.
  • The list of parks includes-:

    1. Maple Park

    2. Moore Park,

    3. Kingwood Park

    4. Sam Brannan Park

    5. Veteran’s memorial park and so on.
More attractions
  • The other attractions include :

    1. Cinemark Movies 8 Movie Theaters

    2. Nu Generation Lanes Inc Bowling Alleys.
  • The best part that you would notice is that even after so much of growth and progress, Yuba City has a lot in store for you.