Worldwide Van Lines Services

Worldwide van lines services help in moving from one country to another. They usually handle very long distance transfers and are specialized in hassle-free transfer of household goods. They have personal coordinators and customized packaging for various categories of articles. So here are a few things that one needs to know of when using worldwide van lines services:

  • Each country has its own regulations on what can be brought into the country. This is first step in booking a worldwide van lines service. Make a thorough list of all the items that need to be shipped. If this is done, then you can approach the transport company and request them to proceed with planning and filling up relevant forms.
  • Last minute preparations do not work for international transfers. This is because it involves a lot of paperwork and one has to allow sufficient headspace for the papers to go around and come back.
  • The whole moving process begins with the movers packing and loading the items to be shipped from the pickup point and transporting them to the specific port. Then all these items will be loaded on to a pre-arranged container that will be shipped to a port nearest to that of the final destination. Again, another moving company receives these items and completes all the customs requirements. Once this is through, a local transport company at the destination will deliver the items to the place of delivery as specified in the contract.
  • Though the consignment changes hands with so many companies, for the customer there is a single point of contact who will coordinate the entire activity and let you know the position of the consignment from time to time.
  • Some important things that one must know to plan the transfer are that summer months are not very ideal for moving as they are the busiest and will be expensive and can also delay the delivery. Also, do not include important documents, jewelry and other indispensible items in the consignment as they will be difficult to replace.
  • Most importantly, be as accurate as possible while declaring items. Failure to do so can cost you a lot of money by way of duty.

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