Natural World Wonders

Traveling can be a wonderful experience and a real adventure especially when you get to visit world wonder places. Visiting the world wonder places can give you immense knowledge about the city, their culture, importance and cuisines.

Now, there are hundreds of world wonder places to visit like the Ngorongoro Crater, Ayers Rock, Machu Picchu, Serengeti Migration, Valley of the Kings, Sahara Desert, Began Temples, Golden Temple and many more. All these places are worth the visit and still haven’t been completely explored by mankind.

Some of the most famous world wonder places include, the Learning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Christ the Redeemer, Petronas Twin Tower, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge and the Colosseum of Rome, these are just to name a few. All these world wonder places are special and are known for their specific features and art. Each world wonder has its own history and one can visit these places with friends and family members.

The most surprising features about these places are that they were built centuries back and still continue to hold the same value and importance. It is worth the time to spend knowing about these world wonder places and this knowledge can be carried forward to the next generation.

World Famous Places

Wonders in Asia

Angkor Wat [Cambodia] Meenakshi & its Gopurams [India]
Forbidden City [China] Taj Mahal [India]
Great Wall of China Varanasi & the Ganges [India]
Guilin to Yangshou Cruise [China] Bali [Indonesia]
Hong Kong Harbourscape [China] Borobudur [Indonesia]
Mount Everest [China / Nepal] Golden Pavilion [Japan]
Potala Palace in Lhasa [China] Petronas Twin Towers [Malaysia]
Qin Terra Cotta Warriors [China] Bagan Temples & Pagodas [Myanmar]
Temple of Heaven [China] Shwedagon Stupa [Myanmar]
Golden Temple [India] Banaue Rice Terraces [Philippines]
Kashmir [India] Temple of the Emerald Buddha [Thailand]
Ladakh [India]  

Wonders in Africa

Serengeti Migration [Kenya/Tanzania] Victoria Falls [Zambia/imbabwe]
Marrakesh [Morocco] Sahara Desert
Ngorongoro Crater [Tanzania]  

Wonder in Europe

Dubrovnik Old City [Croatia] Colosseum of Rome [Italy]
Prague Old Town [Czech Republic] Florence Old Town Cityscape [Italy]
British Museum [England] Leaning Tower of Pisa [Italy]
Stonehenge [England] Pompeii [Italy]
Chambord Chateau [France] Ponte Vecchio [Italy]
Chartres Cathedral [France] Portofino [Italy]
Eiffel Tower [France] St Mark's Basilica & Campanile [Italy]
Louvre Museum [France] Uffizi Gallery [Italy]
Mont-St-Michel [France] Fjords of Norway [Norway]
Pont du Gard [France] Kremlin [Russia]
Palace of Versailles [France] St Basil's Cathedral [Russia]
Neuschwanstein Castle [Germany] Alhambra [Spain]
Acropolis and its Parthenon [Greece] Mezquita of Cordoba [Spain]
Delphi [Greece] Matterhorn [Switzerland]
Santorini [Greece] Sistine Chapel [Vatican City]
Amalfi Drive & Coast [Italy] St Peter's Basilica [Vatican City]
Canals of Venice [Italy]  

Wonders in North America

Carlsbad Caverns [USA] Grand Canyon [USA]
Kennedy Space Center [USA] Las Vegas Strip [USA]
Manhattan Skyline View [USA] Metropolitan Museum of Art [USA]
San Francisco Bay + Cityscape [USA] Statue of Liberty [USA]

Wonders in Middle East

Abu Simbel [Egypt] Jerusalem Old City & Walls [Israel]
Egyptian Museum [Egypt] Petra [Jordan]
Karnak Temple [Egypt] Baalbek [Lebanon]
Nile River Cruise [Egypt] Mecca [Saudi Arabia]
Pyramids of Egypt at Giza [Egypt] Damascus Old City & Umayyad [Syria]
Sphinx [Egypt] Cappadocia [Turkey]
Suez Canal [Egypt] Hagia Sophia [Turkey]
Valley of the Kings [Egypt] Topkapi Palace [Turkey]
Dead Sea [Israel/Jprdan] Burj Al Arab Hotel [United Arab Emirates]

Wonders in Oceania

Wonders in South America

Iguazu Falls [Argentina/Brazil] Galapagos Islands [Ecuador]
Amazon Rain Forest [Brazil/Peru] Chichen Itza [Mexico]
Rio Carnival Tour [Brazil] Teotihuacan [Mexico]
Rio de Janeiro Panoramic Views [Brazil] Machu Picchu [Peru]
Easter Island [Chile]  

Wonders in Antarctica