World Travel Guide

World Travel Guide provides travel related articles and the necessary resources, advice and suggestions to create awareness about and interest in various destinations of the world. It abounds in innovative travel ideas, useful tips, and the best deals.

World Travel Guide is a comprehensive, accurate, and dependable travel guide.


World Travel Guide makes available travel articles and first hand reports about the most preferred and spectacular travel getaways throughout the world.

It may focus on dramatic hiking trails of Utah, ice swimming in Finland, treasure troves of New Mexico, the splendor of Rome or the romance of Venice, daytime activities and night-life of select cities across five continents to keep readers informed of new locations and offbeat attractions.

Extensively researched and well-put-together travel features provide the necessary information required to devise travel plans.

Travel News

World Travel Guide gives you the latest information on a consistent basis to enable you to arrive at an optimal decision.

Whether it is the launching of a new air service, discount air fares available, flight cancellations and delays, flooding in China or the Mardi Gras festival in Brazil, World Travel Guide gives you detailed and the hottest inputs so that you can plan accordingly.

Travel Gear and Accessories

World Travel Guide provides you with hottest travel gear, gadgets, luggage and accessories available for a smooth travel

Travel Tips

World Travel Guide gives you handy tips on health, pets, and clothes to take to suit the seasons, packing instructions, and a checklist of things to carry for trouble-free travel.

Travel Maps and Books

World Travel Guide briefs international travelers on the best travel books. Interactive and detailed travel maps of worldwide travel hotspots are available with prominent sights, tourist attractions, streets and subways colorfully marked for easy navigation

Travel Reservations

World Travel Guide takes care of your travel needs. It gives you the latest on bargain deals and discount airfares, frequent flyer miles, lowest hotelstariffs and reservations, the best family holiday packages, train services or car rentals. You can compare the best deals worldwide and make travel reservations online.


World Travel Guide encourages feedback from travelers about tourist attractions, accommodation, service, facilities available, and amenities provided. You can give your feedback if you had to face miserable service, unsafe transportation, travel touts, endless queues and awful food.

Your opinions and comments are duly noted and published.


World Travel Guide reviews the finest hotels and restaurants, health spas and resorts, tour packages and travel cruises for the benefit of the global traveler. It lists their addresses, phone numbers, websites and email addresses for the convenience of travellers.

World Travel Guide provides exhaustive and on-the-spot reporting on global destinations to keep international travelers abreast of the travel world.