Natural Wonders in South America

The New World America consists of North America, South America, Central America and other islands and regions. Being the fourth largest continent in the world, South America has approximately 900 million people occupying 8.3% of the earth’s surface. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the West, Atlantic Ocean on the North and East, Caribbean Sea and North America to the Northwest, South America was named by Martin Waldseemiiller in 1580.

A continent full of marvels, different traditions, blends and contrasts, one will find ancient monuments to the modern structures in South America. South America’s amazing mountains and deserts, rivers and jungles are a must visit. Some of the newest technologies can also be seen in America, famous for being known as the “Land of Inventions”.

The Iguazu Falls in Brazil, Tulum in Mexico, the Amazon River in Peru, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge, Zion National Park in the United States are a few sightseeing places in America among many other breath-taking natural and man-made wonders of the world.

The Harbor of Rio de Janerio located on the south-western shore of Guanabara Bay was manifested by the Atlantic Ocean stretching 20 miles island, is a pleasant view to the eyes.

Best Natural Wonder Places in South America