Natural Wonders in Oceania

Oceania is a calm continent composed by numerous islands and coral lagoon in the Pacific Ocean, Australia being the only continental land. Oceania geographically is divided into Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. This exceedingly pleasing continent owns the Coral Islands which are the head of coral reefs, and the Volcanic Islands which are peak of volcanic mountains that ascend from the ocean floor.

Oceania, one of the eight terrestrial eco-zones with the large amounts of ecological regions of the planet in addition to Micronesia, Fiji and Polynesia excluding New Zealand, is the least populated continent. Oceania owns many outstanding natural and underwater wonders that have not been modified by human land.

Oceania offers a wide variety and diversity of people and landscapes in the world, from deserts to Snow Mountains and from white sand beaches to rainforests. The beaches of Fiji are wonders in themselves. And besides cities like Sydney, Canberra or Wellington possesses several modern and fascinating structures, which can be used for civil engineering wonders.

The Blue Mountains in Katoomba, Bungle Bungle in Western Australia, Fraser Island in Queesnland, Kangaroo Island in Kingscote are few among many wonders in Oceania.

Best Natural Wonder Places in Oceania