Natural Wonders in Antarctica

A secluded continent from the rest of the world, Antarctica is a world in itself. The “coolest” continent in the world, Antarctica’s temperature runs down to -70 degree Celsius with winds of 300 km per hour. Antarctica contains 90% of earth’s ice serving as a major resource of fresh water for the planet.

Antarctica blankets an ice layer of 2,500 meters, which if melts, would raise the earth’s ocean level by 70 meters above the actual level. Though not much is to be seen in Antarctica besides miles and miles of snow all around, there are a few ancient clicks worth visiting.

A wooden hut from the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration is a wooden building on Ross Island. Constructed in 1902, was the time when southern and northern Polar Regions of the globe were visited by people for the first time. The British had built it to habitat storage facility for Antarctic conditions to be used for Discovery Expedition lead by Sir Robert Falcon Scott.

The most remote place on planet earth is Bouvet Island in Antarctica. Nearly 270 people house on this island with lichens and mosses as vegetation, with seabirds, penguins and seals its only fauna.

Best Natural Wonder Places in Antarctica