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The Madison Children’s Museum-

  • The Madison Children’s Museum is a major attraction in Wisconsin for both adults and kids alike. The adults are happy visiting this place as they know that their children will have fun and learn something at the same time whereas the children are here to mostly have lots of fun. This place has become better than ever before and has been attracting huge crowd after the board of the Museum has invested a further $10 million and expanded it by moving it to Capitol Square.

  • This museum is three stories high and is home some of the most interesting and inquisitive exhibits children could ever think of. Though it is a museum, a child does not get bored as this institution makes a positive effort of going beyond the usual “children staring blankly at an exhibit”.

  • This museum is a lot of fun for children because it enhances their imagination and lets their dreams take flight. This museum also houses an Art Studio, an Early Learning Gallery which are some of the interactive features for kids at this place. Some other exhibits include a Community Concourse along with an imaginary city of science and art wherein anything is possible. This city is aptly called Possibile-opolis. All these things collectively together make a visit to this museum a lot of fun!

Wisconsin Dells

  • Wisconsin Dells is the place where all kinds of tourists gather to have the time of their life. This place has some of the best water parks in the state offering a variety of thrilling rides. In fact, Wisconsin Dells is the adventure capital of Wisconsin. One can even participate in one of the newest adventure rides called zip lining wherein basically a participant is tied in a harness and rides across a rope.

  • Lost Canopy- Zip Line Canopy Tours is a great option as they take the participants across the forest behind the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort. This is the best place to zip line as the run is a lot bigger than other options. In fact the final run of this tour goes up to 900 feet.

  • One can reach a speed of 30 miles per hour on this zip line tour. The safety coupled with other factors like the speed and distance is what sets this place apart. One can also enjoy a game of golf at some of the splendid courses in Wisconsin Dells.

Discovery World

  • This is one of the most recent additions to the list of museums in Wisconsin. This museum is located on the Pier Wisconsin. This museum built on the lakefront of Milwaukee is different from other museums. The first reason for this place being unique is that some of the exhibits include huge maritime vessels, sailboats etc. Secondly, one can not just see these exhibits but also go onboard and explore them. The S/V Denis Sullivan and the Challenge are two examples of ships n display at Discovery World. Visitors can board these ships and interact with the people present onboard about different equipment used by the sailors.

  • This is not the end as people can actually participate and learn certain skills like dealing with the windlass, turning the quarterdeck wheel and trying to steer the ship. All these activities are supervised by professionals and hence are completely safe. Then one can choose between public sails as well as participating in long voyages.

  • These boats are awe inspiring replicas of man’s will and the way in which our ancestors conquered the sea. Another big attraction at Discovery World is the living exhibits or the Aquariums in short. This place also has a huge 40 by 40 foot scale model of the Great Lakes and one can play around with the weather in a controlled environment and observe its effect on these great lakes.

  • The Reiman Aquariums are amazing and the tank is itself huge going from the floor all the way to the ceiling. The tank is home to most of the local fishes from the great lakes themselves and a few other exotic fishes like the sting rays as well. 

Wisconsin Featured Attractions


Wisconsin Featured Attraction Name Address
FAST Fiberglass Statue Factory Sparta, Wisconsin
Ghost Outpost Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Deke Slayton Memorial Space and Bicycle Museum Sparta, Wisconsin
Wizard Quest Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Hodags of Rhinelander Rhinelander, Wisconsin
JFK's Twine Ball Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin
Fred Smith's Concrete Park Phillips, Wisconsin
Funeral Home with Perky Animal Dioramas

Madison, Wisconsin

Museum of Woodcarving Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Dr. Evermor and the Forevertron Baraboo - North Freedom, Wisconsin
House on the Rock Spring Green, Wisconsin
Top Secret Inc Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Museum of Historic Torture Devices Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
When Halfway is Far Enough Wisconsin