When to Visit Colorado

When to Visit Colorado

Colorado has a temperate weather for almost 300 days in a year. This makes it an evergreen destination for vacationers and travelers. But the question still remains – when to visit Colorado.

Peak Season in Colorado

Summer months from June to October is the best time to visit Colorado. Summer attractions such as national parks, lakes and rivers offer umpteen opportunities for outdoor activities. Hiking, biking and white water rafting are the most enjoyable activities in this region. This is the best time of the year to access Pike’s Peak. The season offers sunny days with changing aspen leaves that turn the hillsides gold. Nights are cool while days are warm. But remember that during special holidays the bookings are difficult to get. Plan in advance to avoid disappointment. Booking for hotels and flights one month in advance may not be a bad idea at all. You could even land better deals that way.

Off Season in Colorado

January to March is peak winter and obviously not the best season to visit Colorado. Many attractions such as gardens and monuments are difficult to reach and even closed if the weather happens to be very bad. Hence hotel bookings are available and at cheapest prices.

Shoulder Season in Colorado

November to December and April to May are the shoulder seasons when weather tends to be on the tolerable side. The sunshine makes these months of late fall and early spring warmer than usual.  The late fall is nice for viewing the aspens that turn gold while the early spring may show some blossoms. The snow conditions are best from January to March. Skiing locations are closed during April. Golfers can enjoy the game year long.

Rafting Season in Colorado

May to August is the ideal time to visit Colorado if white-water rafting is on top of your holiday list.  Mid- June is the peak time to pursue this outdoor activity. Many guides on when to visit Colorado do not give a clear idea on this aspect of the tour.

When to Visit Colorado With Best Deals

  • One can experience the best of Colorado summer from August 15th to the Labour Day. Families that are here for vacation have returned and much of the crowd can thus be by-passed. You can also get good deals on hotels and airfare.
  • Another best time to visit the place in summer is the Memorial Day weekend. This can be safely extended to June 20th.
  • New Year’s Eve to end of January is another great vacation time to enjoy in Colorado. Similarly, the initial two weeks of April are also good for skiing.  Many resorts offer discounts during this time so that they pass on the benefit to you their rare customers in this time.