When to Visit Alabama

Alabama Visiting Time

Travel Tips on When to Visit Alabama’s Tourist Destinations

The diverse landscapes, historical monuments, northern scenic mountains, sugar-white sand Gulf coast beaches and other attractions make Alabama state an ultimate place of tourist destination. Tourists who seek variety of adventures either in the mountain trails or in the wild forests are always hesitant when to visit Alabama State. But as the temperatures are mild through-out the year without reaching extreme conditions visitors generally travel to these places based on their interest.

Alabama Weather and Seasons

  • When to visit Alabama is always a question of dilemma for the tourists as it mainly depends on the outdoor activities and the weather conditions. If you want to just relax and have fun time with family and friends then there is no need to hesitate on when to visit Alabama. However, shoulder season which ranges typically from May to September is always best time of the year to visit this place especially if you are interested in the Gulf coast beaches.
  • Temperature also depends upon the region and altitude, so based on the outdoor activity and place of visit the travel should be planned accordingly. For instance, people who are really interested in bird watching may consider April, May and June as the best travel months.
  • Even though winters are the least popular times for tourists due to its chill weather, people still travel to these places to take part in the upcoming events and numerous outdoor activities like fishing, camping, golfing, horse riding, hiking, hunting etc.

Alabama Events and Festivals

  • As the state is a home to many annual events and seasonal festivals like music and art festivals, craft fairs, home and garden shows and other parades etc, it is really hard to decide when to visit Alabama. Most of these festivals are organized annually on the specific day and thousands of tourists visit these places accordingly to enjoy these events. For example February is the best time to attend Mardi gras festival & parade, the national shrimp festival in October, Helen keller in June, Selma-to-Montgomery in March etc.
  • Tourists should also consider the crowd information before choosing when to visit Alabama. June to August is the high seasonal time because the holidays and sports events draw thousands of visitors to these popular destinations.

Alabama Vacation Rentals and Best Deals

  • The perfect way to save money and plan a trip when to visit Alabama is during off season is winter in general. Summer is usually more crowded and expensive due to popular gulf coast beaches and exotic resorts.
  • Booking in advance will not only make your trip more successful but also saves lot of money in hotel rentals and air tickets. So before choosing when to visit Alabama it is also important to check for the best deals on hotel accommodation and airline prices.