When to visit California

When to visit California

California is a popular holiday destination among people of all ages. Weather in California suits everyone from snowbirds to sun-lovers! There isn’t a perfect time to visit California, but rather it depends on what you plan to do and see. Many people visit California in summers i.e. between mid-June and August.

Californian summers are delicious undoubtedly, but one has to consider few things to enjoy its delicacy. The State of California has many top attractions and parks that are crowded mostly in summers due to its massive tourists who pay a fortune for lodging and sightseeing of popular sites. Californian beaches are a must visit during summers, especially the Sierra Nevada high county for the roads are shut until June or July.

Californian spring is just marvelous to experience the cold temperature. The greenery, fresh air, blooming flowers are a must see. Also, fantabulous deals come up during this season to attract tourists and visitors. Deserts of California can be best experienced only during the springs unlike the scorching sun of the summers.

Californian fall from September to November is the best time to past the crowd and enjoy the Northern California’s wine regions. San Francisco encounters the best seasons of all experiencing the sunniest days ever off all the fog days.

For ski lovers, the best time to visit California’s Sierra Nevada would be December and February that is wrapped up in a snow blanket. Winters being a holiday break, everyone hits the snowy areas for skiing to enjoy their vacation.

But before you plan out a holiday, keep a check on the Californian time zone, the customs, currency and cash. If you are not keen to carry cash or pay plastic-money, Travelers cheques are the best option.  If you plan to travel by car, make sure to have travel insurance.

To enjoy every sip of alcohol in California, you must be 21 years of age, and often, a proof id is compulsory. So basically, you have to do a little homework if you are planning to visit California, but that’ll be worth your time and money. Enjoy your Visit to California!