When to Visit Arizona

Best favourable time to visit Arizona

Situated in the south-western part of United States the Arizona state has many tourist destinations including Grand Canyon, monument valley etc, dozens of national and state parks and distinct regions with warm desert landscapes and snowy peaks etc. Deciding when to visit Arizona is a difficult task as some of the areas are extremely hot in summers reaching over one hundred degrees. Tourists who want to have variety of adventures either in the national monuments or relax in the recreation areas like Lake Havasu or Powell need to be extra cautious about the temperatures before making up their minds when to visit Arizona.

Best travel time to Arizona:

  • Based on the region the temperature varies in different parts of Arizona, while north experiences pleasant summers with moderate temperature, the southern regions like phoenix, Tucson and tombstone etc are extremely hot during summer season. So in order to avoid the extreme weather conditions travelling north is advisable in summers and south in winters.
  • Based on the outdoor activity and place of visit the tourists can choose the perfect time when to visit Arizona. Winter is the ideal travel time for people who enjoy snowfall and skiing as the northern parts of Arizona experiences cold temperatures and heavy snowfall during this season.
  • If you want to make a decision on when to visit Arizona then spring and fall are always good travel times no matter which place you are planning to visit. With many local festivals happening during these seasons go along with your friends and family to enjoy the outdoor recreational activities and beautiful pleasant weather.

Travel in off season:

  • In order to avoid the excess crowds and get best deals on travel tickets and hotel rentals it is better to plan the trip during off seasons. Very few people visit southern parts of Arizona in summers because of its high temperatures and desert landscape conditions. So for greatest deals and reduced prices on air tickets and hotel rentals summer is the best cost-effective time to travel.
  • Especially if you are planning to visit Grand Canyon it is always better to plan ahead when to visit Arizona. While summers, long weekends and holidays are too crowded in the south rim of Grand Canyon, the north rim facilities are completely closed every year for about six months from October to May.
  • When compared to winter season, summer is relatively less favorable time to travel Arizona because of its dry weather conditions. Those who enjoy hot temperatures and like to spend lonely time with their loved ones may visit Arizona during summers.