When to Visit Alaska

Alaska is the northern most part of North America and one of the best tourist locations in that part of the world. It is the most picturesque locations of Alaska with wilderness and natural beauty all around. The tourist activity in this region is on the rise and hence the most frequently asked question about Alaskan holidays is – when to visit Alaska.

Well, considering that the region is very close to the Arctic and subjected to extreme cold weather, the summer months between May to September form the ideal time to visit Alaska. The season offers ideal temperatures for a vacation. The days can be as long as 20 hours – Alaskan Daylight. This is an added attraction of visiting during this season. However, depending on the experience you are looking forward to, one can customize this 5 month period as follows:

When you ask when to visit Alaska, most experts would suggest June to July. That is because this time is when you can experience the longest day of the year – June 21st. Also, the summer rains are yet to progress during this time; so rains do not wreck havoc on your vacation plans. This is the best time for wildlife sightings. However, the flip side to this period is the rates. The tour operators to Alaska make their money only during these months. So you will need to shell out much more than any other time of the year. Also, for visiting during this time one has to plan and make bookings much in advance.

There are other options too- for instance, if you would like to avoid the rains all together, then May is just the ideal time for you. If you do not mind chillier evenings, then September is also good as you can avoid the famed Alaskan mosquitoes. Both May and September are shoulder months when all bookings and services are available at discounted rates.

Late into August is another time when one can witness the colors of the fall. February and March are ideal for the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) enthusiasts. It is also the time for skiing and sledging.