West Virginia Tourist Attractions

West Virginia State Tourist Attractions

Old Main, Bethany College

  • Old main is a tourist attraction mainly due to its historic and educational importance. Old Main has been the most dominant structure in West Virginia during the time it was built. Old Main was built between 1858 and 1871.

  • This building is also a favorite with many Architecture students as the structure and form of this building was not only peculiar but also unique. This building was one of the pioneer structures representing gothic architecture in America.

  • The sheer size and beauty of this structure is amazing to say the least. This however is not the only reason as to why Old Main is historically significant.

  • Being a college building essentially, this building also served as headquarters for Alexander Campbell. Alexander Campbell played a huge role in shaping up the culture of America as he was one of the first founders of the Christian Church also called as the Disciples of Christ.

  • This college is also an educational attraction for people from all over the world as it is the parent institution to hundreds of colleges and universities established by the church across the length and breath of United States of America.

Snowshoe Mountain

  • Snowshoe Mountain is a major tourist attraction in West Virginia due to all that it has to offer. This place is rated as one of the best tourist destinations in West Virginia because it has something to offer for every kind of visitor.

  • The list of activities one could indulge and participate in it is literally never ending. This place is teeming with tourists both during the summer as well as in the winter season.

  • During summer, people mainly come to Snowshoe mountain to cool off. One can hire a mountain bike and go trailblazing and having fun with their friends or family.

  • This is safe as one can get a guide who knows about the popular trails and can suggest some easily maneuverable trails for beginners. The lake is obviously a hot spot for activity during the summer.

  • One can indulge in a bit of water skiing, swimming, boating or just chilling on the shore with a cold brew. People can even change their mode of transport from vehicles to horses and explore the nearby beautiful surroundings.

  • Some people prefer to walk it up instead of taking a mountain bike or a horse. Such visitors will have a lot of fun too as there are dedicated trails for hiking on the mountain as well.

  • Snowshoe Mountain is also home to some of the best golf courses in America and one can definitely enjoy a game of Golf on a lazy weekend. This is just the list of activities one can enjoy in the summer season.

  • During the winter season people come down to Snowshoe Mountain to revel in the variety of winter sports.

  • The snow coupled with the geographical and climatic conditions make this place ideal for a bit of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, riding a snowmobile etc. Most of the equipment is available locally.

  • The slopes at Snowshoe Mountain are perfect for both an amateur and a professional snowboarder or skier. The only thing one has to do is choosing a slope and enjoying the ride!

Stonewall Jackson Lake

  • Stonewall Jackson Lake is the most preferred place for water sport enthusiasts as well as people who generally like enjoying their vacation around a water body.

  • This place is rated as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in all of West Virginia. The forests and the animal life present over here are vast and the views are simply breathtaking.

  • This place was named after one of the most prominent historical figures called General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. This place is huge and thus even at the height of the season one will not feel too cramped and crowded over here.

  • The lake itself is so big that it has an astounding 82 miles of shoreline. This provides ample of space for all the boaters and swimmers. This place is a hot spot with many fishing enthusiasts as well.

  • The lake itself is extremely safe and one can enjoy a huge array of water sports at Stonewall Jackson Lake or just book a cabin near the shore and enjoy the view.

West Virginia State Featured Attractions

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