West Palm Beach Travel


West Palm Beach is a city of beauty and authenticity. It is located in Florida, USA. Rich in culture and outdoor attractions along with sunny sky and pleasant weather, West Palm Beach is always an ideal destination for travelers, especially for weekend hangouts.
Vacation in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is actually an ideal place for vacation, which can easily accessible from Miami through train. Additionally, the traveler can reach there by plane or by car or by bus. The beach there covers an area over 40 miles in Palm Beach County. There are two remarkable snorkeling places, John D. McArthur Beach State Park and Breaker's reef, which must return a rejoice in the traveler's face while visiting there. The entire beach area is satisfactorily covered with plenty of fishes; however, shark and barracuda are also occasionally visible.

Another significant attraction of this beach is to view the launching of spaceship from Cape Kennedy during both daylight and night.


Essentially, it includes three significant attractions, which are as follows

Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park

It is located at Dreher Park, West Palm Beach, Florida. This is controlled non-profit zoological organization. It houses more than 1500 animals with an area covering 23-acres of greenery.

Lion Country

Lion Country is a unique idea conceptualized by a group of British and South African industrialists whose focus was on providing the essence of wild life to the travelers not usually able to experience the wild world. The primary attraction of this park originally was lions; however, the oldest park of Florida presently consists of more than one thousand animals

Rapids Water Park

Essentially featured with an aesthetic landscaping, Rapids Water Park covers more than 22 acres of water rides including 19 waterslides, cool blue wave pool and a long lazy river. It has more than one million and a half gallons of water altogether

Peanut Island

This is particularly famous for its exquisite greenery. The primary attraction covered by this area is to encourage its visitors while coming in droves to explore the bunker built for President John F. Kennedy during Cold War. Additionally, this island includes a museum and lots of picnic places.


Rich in architectural configuration, CityPlace offers a unique shopping center, essentially resembling a European township. This area includes over 50 well-known retail stores in addition to a great variety of restaurants and other food chains.