Washington Tourist Attractions

Washington Tourist Attractions

Washington is the capital of The United States of America. It is situated in the District of Columbia and hence it is also called as Washington D.C. It is one of the major attractions for tourists since it offers many things to see: historical to modern places. Most of the visiting sites in Washington are memorials of leaders and presidents.

  1. Lincoln Memorial: This monument was built as a mark of respect to the late president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 and this memorial was built in May 1922. It is located in front of a beautiful manmade water body. Inside, a huge statue of Abraham Lincoln greets the tourists. Other historical documents, like the second inaugural speech by Lincoln, are inscribed on the walls.

  2. Washington Monument: A tall structure right in front of the Lincoln Memorial is the Washington Monument. It took 37 long years to complete the monument due to lot of protests and opposition to construct the monument. It opened in October 1888. There are flags of all the states around the monument. There is an observatory on the top of the monument. An elevator takes the tourists to the top and they can have panoramic view of the city of Washington.

  3. Jefferson Memorial: Jefferson Memorial is a memorial built in respect to Thomas Jefferson. He was the author of the Declaration of Independence of America. The construction was done in 4 years and was open to public in 1943. A statue of Thomas Jefferson is seen at the entrance. The articles of Declaration of Independence are on the walls of the memorial. This is located towards the south of Tidal Basin in Washington.

  4. White House: George Washington chose the building to be the place of residence for all the presidents of The United States. It was named White House since the color of the building was white. Theodore Roosevelt made the name official in 1901. Jefferson made public touring in the White House official in 1805. But, after September 11, 2001, public tours have stopped.

  5. Iwo Jima Memorial: This is the most attractive memorial since it was built post World War II and depicts one of the most historic battles of which America was a part of in World War II. The Island of Iwo Jima which was under Japanese control during the World War II and Americans attacked the Japanese on that soil. There were many casualties and this monument was dedicated to all the soldiers who lost their lives. The monument shows six US soldiers, who survived this battle, re-lifting the flag of The United States. It is located near the Arlington cemetery in Washington.

  6. Vietnam Memorial: This memorial was dedicated to the slain soldiers who fought the most controversial battle U.S has ever fought- Vietnam War. There is a huge black granite wall where the names of the slain soldiers are inscribed. There were controversies surrounding this monument since many names were missing. Later, the names were added to the list.

  7. U.S Capitol: It is the legislative building of the government. It is called the Senate. It is a huge building with a dome and a statue on top of the dome. The white color given to the building is a pleasant sight. There are 540 rooms in the Senate and there are five floors. The center of the building has a large hall where statues of important citizens are placed. Self-guided tours are not allowed. Guided tours are arranged free of cost.

  8. Smithsonian Castle: It is one of the oldest museums and a very famous tourist attraction in Washington. In fact, it is a collection of 16 museum buildings and it takes days for a tourist to explore each and every corner of the castle. The main building of the castle was built in 1855. This building provides maximum information about the sixteen museums. Guided tours to this main castle building are available.

  9. National Air and Space Museum: One of the modern attractions in Washington is this center. A huge collection of aviation and space related material is available in this museum. Many shuttles, like the one carrying Neil Armstrong, are put on display at this museum.