Virginia Travel

Virginia is popularly known as the "mother of presidents" because it happens to be the birth place of eight U.S. presidents. It is a south Atlantic state in the southern region of the United States of America. It gets it name after Queen Elizabeth of England. It is also called as the commonwealth of Virginia as it was the first to revolt against the British Rule. It is also called the "mother of states" as parts of its colony were converted into states like Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois etc. Richmond is the capital of Virginia and it has a long list of Virginian cities including Alexandria, Fairfax, Salem, Winchester, etc.

Virginian is for lovers

This slogan though conceptualized by an ad agency stands as a national slogan which indicates Virginia. Not only do romantic lovers love this place but also mountain and nature lovers, history lovers, beach lovers and sports lovers etc have also found their passion and love in Virginia.

The civil war remnants are still evident in central Virginia and it is definitely an archaeological treasure visited and ridiculed by people of all walks of life and from every destination. The eastern coast of Virginia is a peninsula and nobody can take their eyes off the splendid ocean views especially the annual migration of the waterfowls.

The NASA visitor center is situated in the Wallops Island where you can actually see the exhibit of the rock sample from moon. The astronomers and all those who have a love and passion in this field cherish this island filled with the galactic fancies.

Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel and the Kiptopeke state park

This place is a 17.6 mile tunnel bridge over the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. It is the north end island refuge for the water fowls migrating there every season. And the Kiptopeke state park is just 3 miles north of the Bay bridge tunnel. It is a 375 acre park with services like picnic, swimming, fishing, hiking and environmental education. Both these places have ample parking facilities and public rest rooms for the conveniences of the tourist coming there.

Virginia wildlife refuge

Spreading over 1700 acres ad located at the tip of the Delmarva Peninsula, this place is a refuge for birds and butterflies migrating from far off lands. It serves as a resting place for these birds who continue their journey later. Almost 250 species of birds migrate to this place according to different seasons.