Virginia Tourist Attractions

Virginia Tourist Attractions

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Location: Bounded by Francis, Waller, Nicholson, N. England, Lafayette, and Nassau Sts., Williamsburg, Virginia
Colonial Williamsburg Coordinates: 37°15′45″N 76°41′59″W
Colonial Williamsburg Area: 173 acres (70 ha)
Colonial Williamsburg Built / Founded: 1699
Colonial Williamsburg Architectural Style(s): Georgian
Colonial Williamsburg Governing Body: Private
Added to NRHP: October 15, 1966
Colonial Williamsburg Designated NHLD: October 9, 1960
Colonial Williamsburg NRHP Reference#: 66000925
  • Colonial Williamsburg is the place to visit to get a peek into the defining moments of American history. This place has a lot to offer to the people who would like to know about the birth of America, the culture and society that existed then. One can literally walk through history which makes the trip all the more exciting.

  •  The thing which sets this place apart from any other history tour is that one does not simply stare at historical artifacts for hours together. A trip to Colonial Williamsburg is different as one can indulge in many fun filled activities along the way. There are many shops recreated and designed in a way so as to bring to life the American way of living in the 1700’s.

  •  The artifacts on display are of the colonial era but the fun does not stop there as the people in charge of service at most of these shops are dressed in the costumes of that era. Most of these people or tradespersons are actors who walk and talk like the people of the 17th century. One can also visit some of the beautiful heritage gardens with beautiful animals.

  • These gardens are built in the manner prevalent in the 17th century and are maintained with a lot of vigilance. Even the restaurants here serve the cuisine of that period which only enhances the over all experience of the trip.

  • Some of the events pertaining to America and its independence struggle during that era are re-enacted in order to provide a visual demonstration for all the visitors. The museums too have extremely interesting artifacts on display which offer the visitors a lot of information regarding America and its conception. All these mediums of entertainment provide a thorough experience to a visitor which he or she would actually enjoy as well as learn a lot.

Virginia Wine Country

  • Virginia is home to nearly 80 wineries. In fact most of the wines produced in Virginia have acquired high ratings all over the world.

  • The atmospheric conditions of Virginia make this place extremely conducive for setting up a winery. While touring the Wine Country, all that one has to do is travel in a limo from one place to another and soak in the entire experience.

  • These chauffeur driven wine tours generally take visitors from one winery to another for wine tasting. These tours are fast catching up with the people who want to enjoy a slice of different kind of a lifestyle. Such a tour can prove to be extremely enriching for the mind, body and soul.

  • These wine tasting are generally over seen by some official at the winery who tells the visitors about the different processes involved in wine making along with information about the kind of grapes grown on the farm and ways in which one wine is distinct from another.

  • People can also indulge in a bit of a gourmet cuisine feast wherein one can experience great gourmet food paired with the best of wines.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway Location North Carolina & Virginia, USA
Blue Ridge Parkway Nearest City Asheville, NC & Roanoke, VANearest city: Asheville, NC & Roanoke, VA
Blue Ridge Parkway Coordinates 36°31′07″N 80°56′09″W
Blue Ridge Parkway Area 93,390 (377.94 km²)
Blue Ridge Parkway Established June 30, 1936 Established: June 30, 1936
Blue Ridge Parkway Visitors 17,882,567 (in 2005)
Blue Ridge Parkway Governing Body National Park Service
  • This place is frequented by motorists as it offers some of the most scenic roadways in the country region of Virginia. It is rated among some of the most beautiful drives in the whole world.

  • People wanting to soak in the beauty of nature while driving are attracted to the Skyline Drive which is a beautiful roadway weaving through the crest of 195,000 acre Shenandoah National Park.

  • The Blue Ridge Highway is located at the southern end of the Shenandoah National Park. One can also stop midway and go for a hike from the designated trails along the route.

  • There are many beautiful waterfalls which only enhance the view and establish the fact that there is nothing more scenic than the beauty of nature in all its glory. Many people choose to go along the way and stop to shoot or film this spectacular region in order to save some kind of memory in a physical state.

  • The roads are properly maintained so that all the visitors have to do is cruise at a  safe speed limit while stopping along the way and enjoying some of the breath taking views on the way.

Virginia Featured Attractions

Virginia Featured Attraction Name Address
Drug Enforcement Administration Museum Arlington, Virginia
George Washington Masonic National Memorial Alexandria, Virginia
NRA National Firearms Museum Fairfax, Virginia
Shenandoah Caverns Shenandoah, Virginia
Dinosaur Kingdom Natural Bridge, Virginia
Foamhenge Natural Bridge, Virginia
American Celebration On Parade Shenandoah, Virginia
Arm of Stonewall Jackson

Fredericksburg, Virginia