Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises

About Viking River Cruises

If you want to Europe, Russia or China in your own way, river cruises are the best option. And you must not settle at anything less than the best in the industry.

Type Private
Industry Travel, Tourism
Founded 1997
Headquarters Woodland Hills, California, California, Boston, MA, Massachusetts, United States
Products River Cruises

Travel through Viking for amazing lifetime experience

Now you can travel into the heart of world’s greatest cities and towns and explore the nature and wonders of the land by cruising across the wonderful river waters. When it comes to river cruising nothing is comparable to Viking River Cruise lines because of its excellent service, comfortable deluxe accommodation and cruise tours. Recognized as world’s most awarded river cruise line in travel industry, Viking offers voyages to fully experience the wonders of exotic destinations worldwide.

Viking River Cruise Company History

 Established in 1997 by a Scandinavian and Dutch organizations, Viking River Cruise lines has its head office based in Los Angeles, California, United States.  Viking river cruise journeys are marketed primarily to English-speaking passengers and has specialized itineraries throughout European continent. But after the purchase of largest boat company called KD River Cruises in 2000, Viking has expanded its territories to other countries like Russia, Siberia, Ukraine etc. Viking now operates a fleet of 31 vessels, having an average capacity ranging between 100 to 250 passengers in each ship equipped with modern amenities and English speaking crew, staff and guides.

Viking River Cruise Worldwide Exotic Destinations

Viking river Cruise lines provide unrivaled convenience to its guests and cater flexible tour packages worldwide to various destinations. River cruising with Viking gives the opportunity to explore amazing rivers like Yangtze River or Mekong River in the Far East and discover the environment along the European countryside places like Danube, Rhine, Seine or Elbe etc.

Viking River Cruise Onboard Attractions

Life aboard on Viking river cruise lines is really amazing with deluxe river view cabins, restaurants, sun decks, swimming pools, fitness and spas, lounge and bar etc. With fascinating cruise tours from Asia to Egypt, Viking has various tour packages that typically include comfortable deluxe accommodation, onboard meals, airfare, daily guided shore excursions and other complementary programs.

Viking River Cruise Delicious Cuisine

Viking cruise ships offer excellent cuisine service where guests can enjoy local specialties and favorites along with the international dishes prepared by western European chefs. Whether you want to have an occasional themed dinner or enjoy the casual lunch buffet on the lounge or relax at the pre or post dinner cocktails, Viking river cruise lines is the ultimate option for exemplary all time service.

It was in 1997 that the Viking River Cruises were established. The company was merged with KD River Cruises in 2000. It operates a number of ships across the rivers of Europe, Russia and the Ukraine, Egypt and China. 

Viking River Cruise Ships

The company is based in California and operates a number of ships like:

  1. Viking Burgundy 
  2. Viking Century Sky
  3. Viking Century Sun 
  4. Viking Danube 
  5. Viking Europe 
  6. Viking Kirov 
  7. Viking Lavrinenkov 
  8. Viking Legend 
  9. Viking Neptune
  10. Viking Pakhomov
  11. Viking Pride
  12. Viking Schumann 
  13. Viking Fontane
  14. Viking Seine
  15. Viking Sky
  16. Viking Spirit
  17. Viking Sun 
  18. Viking Surkov 

Viking River Cruise The Fleet

The Viking Legend is known as the ultimate in Cruise luxury. It houses all amenities and an exclusive “green” propulsion technology.The award-winning European fleet also hasViking Sun and Viking Helvetia in the group. The three ships are known to be the best ships sailing through Europe.Viking Primadonna with the wonderful private balconies and “purpose-built” Viking Fontane, and the recently refurbished Viking Schumann – you will sense the aroma of an unmatched hospitality you step into your cruise.Viking Surkov, Viking Kirov have been recently refurbished and the Viking Pakhomov which has been specially designed for a new journey in 2011 with suites and singles, and an expanded restaurant facility. Viking Century Sun sails like a proud swan on the waters of China’s Yangtze River. Famed maritime architects Yran & Storbraaten, designed this ship and got a 5-star rating by the China National Tourism Office. The two smallest ships of Viking are the Viking Fontane and Viking Schumann. They have the capacity of 124 passengers.

Viking River Cruises sail on on the Rhine, Main, Danube, Elbe, Saône, Seine, and Rhône rivers, as well as the canals of the Netherlands and Belgium. They also have quite a number of ships in Russia and Ukraine. The grand ships - Viking Kirov, Viking Pakhomov, Viking Peterhof and Viking Surkov sail on the Volga, while Viking Lomonosov rules the Dnieper.

Most of the Viking ships have been built in the past few years. The rest have been upgraded or refurbished. They are specially designed to navigate the world’s great rivers with utmost ease. The flat-bottomed shape ensures that the passengers have a safe and smooth ride and there is no worry of motion sickness. The size and shape fits perfectly when they have to pass through narrow passages or river locks. The wheelhouses of the European ships descend to allow the ship’s passage under bridges. Some of the Viking vessels have a promenade deck. This gives the passengers the freedom to remain outdoors throughout the passage. The best feature of the Viking River Cruises is, they are perfectly designed for viewing of the ever-changing scenery. The staterooms have French balcony or picture window allowing in fresh air and scenic beauty. The observation lounge and restaurant have panoramic windows all around. You can’t ask for more!

Viking River Cruise Rewards and Recognitions

The Consumer Awards Viking Received in 2009 Include:

  • Condé Nast Traveler’s “Gold List” – Small Ship Category.
  • Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice – Small Ship Category.
  • Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Poll – Best Ships in the Small Ship Category.
  • Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best Awards” – Top 10 Small Ship Cruise Lines.
  • World Travel Awards – World’s Leading River Cruise Operator.
  • British Travel Awards – Best River Cruise Line.

The Travel Industry Awards Viking Received in 2009 Include:

  • Luxury Travel Advisor’s Awards of Excellence – Best River Cruise Line for Luxury River Cruises.
  • Travel Weekly’s Readers’ Choice Awards – Best River Cruise Line.
  • TravelAge West WAVE Winner – Best River Cruise Line for Travel Agent Support.
  • TravelAge West WAVE Winner – Best Overall Cruise Line for River Cruising.
  • Travel Weekly’s Magellan Awards – Gold & Silver Winner.
  • Recommend’s Readers’ Choice Awards – Best River Cruise Line.
  • Performance Media’s Leisure Travel Leaders Awards – Best River Cruise Line.

Viking River Cruise Current Viking Fleet

Viking River Cruise Ships Cruising in Europe

Ship Name Year Built Last Refurbished Length Crew Guests Staterooms
Viking Fontane 1991 2010 311 feet 28 110 55
Viking Legend 2009 -- 443 feet 50 189 98
Viking Helvetia 2006 -- 433 feet 44 198 99
Viking Sun 2005 -- 433 feet 44 198 99
Viking Sky 1999 -- 360 feet 35 150 75
Viking Danube 1999 -- 360 feet 35 150 75
Viking Europe 2001 -- 375 feet 40 150 75
Viking Neptune 2001 -- 375 feet 40 150 75
Viking Pride 2001 -- 375 feet 40 150 75
Viking Spirit 2001 -- 375 feet 40 150 75
Viking Schumann 1991 2001 311 feet 28 124 60
Viking Primadonna 1998 -- 375 feet 40 150 75

Viking River Cruise Ships Cruising in Russia

Ship Name Year Built Last Refurbished Length Crew Guests Staterooms
Viking Kirov 1990 2009 423 feet 114 210 110
Viking Surkov 1984 2008 423 feet 114 210 106
Viking Peterhof 1990 2007 423 feet 114 202 110
Viking Pakhomov 1990 2003 423 feet 114 202 110

Viking River Cruise Ships Cruising in Ukraine

Ship Name Year Built Last Refurbished Length Crew Guests Staterooms
Viking Lomonosov 1990 2003 423 feet 110 202 112

Viking River Cruise Ships Cruising in China

Ship Name Year Built Last Refurbished Length Crew Guests Staterooms
Viking Century Sun 2006 -- 415 feet 168 306 153