Vermont Travel Guide

Vermont State Travel Guide

Vermont Brief History

Vermont is situated in the northeastern part of the United States of America in the New England Region. The Lake Champlain makes up 50% of the western border of Vermont. The Green Mountains stretch along from the north to south. Vermont has Massachusetts to the south while New York lies in the west; Québec is in the north.

The Native American tribes, Abenaki and Iroquois were the original inhabitants of Vermont. Previously Vermont was a part of France, but the British overtook it during the French and Indian War.

It was in 1791 that Vermont was included as the fourteenth state of the USA. It was the first state of the USA after the original thirteen colonies that were already there.

Vermont State Information

Vermont Official Language(s) English
Vermont Demonym Vermonter
Vermont Capital Montpelier
Vermont Largest City Burlington
Vermont Area  Ranked 45th in the US
 - Total 9,620 sq mi
(24,923 km2)
 - Width 80 miles (130 km)
 - Length 160 miles (260 km)
 - % water 4.1
 - Latitude 42° 44′ N to 45° 1′ N
 - Longitude 71° 28′ W to 73° 26′ W
Vermont Population  Ranked 49th in the US
 - Total 621,760 (2009 est.)
609,903 (2000)
- Density 65.8/sq mi  (25.9/km2)
Ranked 30th in the US
 - Median Income  $52,104 (20th)
Vermont Elevation  
 - Highest Point Mt. Mansfield
4,395 ft  (1,340 m)
 - Mean 1,000 ft  (300 m)
 - Lowest point 95 ft  (29 m)
Vermont Before Statehood Vermont Republic
Vermont Admission to Union  March 4, 1791 (14th)
Vermont Governor Jim Douglas (R)
Vermont Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie (R)
Vermont Legislature General Assembly
 - Upper House Senate
 - Lower House House of Representatives
U.S. Senators Patrick Leahy (D)
Bernie Sanders (I)
U.S. House Delegation Peter Welch (D)
Vermont Time Zone Eastern: UTC–5/−4
Vermont Abbreviations US-VT
Vermont Website

More about Vermont

Vermont exhibits in itself numerous natural treasures. Mostly, it is the pristine landscape and scenic beauties of Vermont that attract tourists to the place. It is a place just excellent for outdoor recreational activities. The lakes invite people to rejuvenate themselves with swimming, boating, and fishing while the mountains are alluring for a hiking or trekking trip. What’s more, the climate of Vermont complements the already beautiful state. Every season has its own color and grandeur in Vermont. Be it the golden sunshine of summer or the fall painting the surroundings in shades of yellow, gold, red, and orange, or the winter where the white sheets of snow make skiing the prime enticement, and the sugar maples being tapped in spring – Vermont has a uniqueness of its own in its own way.

The only thing that Vermont lacks is a seashore. However, the Lake Champlain makes up this grievance in more than one way.

Sometimes, when you walk through the countryside in Vermont, it may give you an impression that Vermont has locked itself somewhere back in time. But it is just an impression, not the truth. Can you believe that you can have cell phone coverage from even the highest peak of the state? Unbelievable it may seem, but true it is.

Things to do and See in Vermont

When you are planning your vacation in Vermont, you can be sure that you are going to have a gala time doing lots of outdoor activities. Be it fishing in summer orskiing or hiking in the winter, Vermont has it all. There are a lot of museums that have preserved the artifacts of yesteryears carefully so that not even a bit is lost. What’s more, there are lots of festivals and events celebrated in Vermont. The place is also exciting for tourists who want to go for some real shopping with discount outlets and malls.

Skiing in Vermont

Vermont is especially famous for skiing. The most exquisite ski-resorts including Stowe, Killington, Okemo, and Stratton are at Vermont. Mount Mansfield is the most popular ski resort in Stowe. Vermont also has some top-class golf courses as well. Fishing, mountain biking and hiking are very popular in the summer months.

Lake Champlain

Enjoy a ferry-ride on Lake Champlain between Vermont and New York. If you are lucky enough, you can catch a glimpse of the migratory birds in the Atlantic flyway as well.


This is the state’s largest city. You can have a wondrous time wandering along the waterfront or enjoying some water-sport.

Oberlander Draft Horse Sleigh & Wagon Rides

Enjoy an Oberlander draft horse sleigh or wagon ride and enjoy the beauty of Vermont along the way.

Vermont Teddy Bear Company (Shelburne)

Walk through the factory. You will have a wonderful experience observing how these cute bears are designed and made.

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Factory Tour and Maple Museum (St. Johnsbury)

Take a tour here to know how the sweetest maple syrups are processed from the tree and the long journey through which it comes to our plate.

Great Vermont Corn Maze (Danville)

If you love puzzles, you cannot afford to miss this place. Just brainstorm yourself and enjoy the perplexing puzzles of pathways and bridges. There are places here where you can have some fun with your family as well.

Vermont Institute of Natural Science (Quechee)

If you want to know more about birds of prey like eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls, this place is a must-visit for you. You will learn a lot of things and have a close look at the birds as well.

Montshire Museum

This museum is a must see when you are visiting Vermont with your family, especially your children. It has a 250-foot long water rill. There are lots of aqua-exhibits and a Planet Walk where you can have a virtual tour of the solar system.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory (Waterbury)

If you are an ice-cream lover, visit this place, not only to know how the ice creams are concocted but also to taste the free samples of Ben & Jerry’s ice creams in the FlavoRoom.

Porter Music Box Museum

This museum has an exclusive collection of music boxes and some rare pieces from the private collections of Louis Hoone and Ruth Bornand. 

Neighborly Farms of Vermont

This can be a really good experience where you can get to see the families milking cows, making cheese, maple syrup, and so on.

Silver Lake State Park & Beach

This beach is certainly going to sweep you off your feet with the beautiful grassy area and the food here. There are boat, canoe and tube rentals as well.