Vermont Tourist Attractions

Vermont Tourist Attractions

Bread and Puppet Museum

  • This is one of the most inquisitive and interesting attractions in the state of Vermont. This museum is full of artifacts (puppets) made by bread. This place was originally founded by a German migrant called Peter Schumann in the 1960’s.

  •  The artifacts and puppets in the museum show that the creator - Peter Schumann is not a fan of Capitalism and cares deeply about the environment. Peter used Bread and Puppet productions to voice his opinion against social injustice and also used it as a tool to rebel against the Vietnam War.

  • Many of the colleges in the 1970’s hosted these productions on their campuses as well. Many of the visitors wonder as to how these puppets have survived this long if they are made of something as perishable as bread and other commodities.

  • Some of the puppets on display were created in the year 1963. Another reason as to why a visit to this Museum is interesting is that it offers a peek into the world of German expressionism. This does not only make the puppets endearing but at the same time it somehow turns them into realist pieces of art.

  • There aren’t just puppets on display but one can also see masks, sculptures, paintings, backdrops, props and miniature dioramas on display at this museum. Then one can also observe some gigantic puppets which are up to 20 feet tall.

  • In fact this is probably the only place in the world which has 20 feet tall puppets on display. These creations are not of Schumann alone. Due to the gigantic features of the puppets Schumann sometimes uses a crew as large as 50 people in order to create or change a puppet on display.

  • The most beautiful of all the puppets on display is that of the Mother Earth and will be deeply appreciated by all the guests regardless of their leanings towards the environment.

Granite Sculptures of Hope Cemetery

  • The region called Barre in Vermont is famous for the stone carvings and the talented people who carved life like objects out of stone.

  • A huge percentage of the granite used to make headstones in all of America comes from Barre, Vermont. Most of the artisans who took up stone carving as a profession were mainly Italians who had migrated to this part of America in the later part of the 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th Century.

  • Some of these designs are really memorable while a few others are purely unbelievable. Some of the greatest creations of stone carvers can be found in Barre as this is where most of them are buried along with their families. Hope Cemetery was built in 1895.

  •  This place is spread across 85 acres of land and has more than 10,000 monuments and headstones all made of gray granite found in this region itself.

  •  This place is a popular tourist attraction and people often visit this place as it is included in the Rock of Ages Quarry tour. One can observe the changes taking place in sculpture and headstone making throughout the ages gone by.

  •  It is here where one can observe a classic design sitting next to a neo modern sculpture. One of the examples of this is a sculpture of a cube which is sitting on one of the corners.

  •  Such sculptures maybe beautiful to look at but must have taken a lot of skill to build. To commission someone to build a custom monument would cost quite a lot of money but one can be sure that it would be totally unique.

  • Some of the monuments are astounding like the one built and dedicated to a local driver called Joey Laquerre Jr. The monument is a half size replica of a race car with the number 61 on its sides.

  • Some are quite artistic like the Giuseppe Donati stone which is essentially a bas relief showing a soldier smoking while there is a portrait of his girlfriend or wife forming in the smoke of the cigarette. These and many such monuments are in themselves a sign of human talent.