Vermont Things to Do

Things to Do in Vermont

Fun Things To Do With Your Family At Vermont

If you want an amazing and excitement packed holiday with your family, Vermont is just the place where you can find loads of funny things to do. You can hit upon different activities in the state of Vermont which can make you love the place, any and every season. Here is a list of things you can plan with your family and your kids at the beautiful state.

Enjoy At the Jamaica National Park

This vast woodland along the West River of Vermont is the best place to enjoy biking and hiking with your family. You can enjoy swimming at the Salmon hole, which is a depression formed at the river and the place to enjoy the beauty of the nature in a fun filled way.

Visit the Theme Parks in Vermont

Visiting the Theme park in Vermont comes among the top of fun things to do if you are with your family and kids. There are four amusement and theme parks where you can enjoy with little ones, laughing your hearts out. You can either choose from Bromley Mountain Thrill Zone, Great Vermont Corn Maze, Santa's Land, or Stowe Golf Park to spend an exciting day or visit all the four places, nothing will disappoint you.

Vermont Amusement and Theme Parks

  • Bromley Mountain Thrill Zone
  • Great Vermont Corn Maze
  • Santa's Land
  • Stowe Golf Park

Vermont Zoos

  • ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

Enter the Past Through Bennington Museum

Take your kids into the past of the state and the colonial lives through the Bennington Museum which commemorate the 1777 revolutionary Battle of Bennington. The paintings, art and artefacts exhibited here is priceless way to let your kids know how it was hundreds of years ago.

 ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Centre

The ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Centre is a must see place if you are visiting Vermont with your family. As the name suggest the place educates the visitors about ecology and provides family friendly activity for people of all age groups. The aquarium boast different species of fishes, invertibrates and reptiles and you can enjoy watching them close by and enjoy the animal encounter for the visitors.

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
Established 2003
Location Burlington, Vermont
Type Aquarium and science center
Visitor figures 100,000
Director Phelan R. Fretz

Enjoy the Summer and Winter at Smugglers Notch Resort

The Smugglers Notch Resort ,otherwise called the 'America's Family Resort' which offers great skiing experience in the winter and organises children's camp as well offers family friendly activities for all age groups during the summer. The picturesque area get its name from the smuggling activities that took place concealed by the thick forest and the caves in the mountain range.