Utah Attractions

Utah Tourist Attractions

Little Sahara Recreation Area

  • Little Sahara Recreation Area is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Utah. Now it is nothing but 124 square miles of free moving sand dunes. These dunes keep shifting at the rate of 5 to 7 feet in the northern and eastern direction every year.

  • The whole place is huge considering that the size of this place is nearly 60, 000 acres which means a lot of sand dunes and trails with some flats sprinkled with sagebrush. The primary recreation area is 12 miles long and the width is around 10 miles.

  •  One of the attractions at this recreation center is the Sand Mountain which is essentially a 700 foot wall of sand. This place is frequented for hill climbing. The sand dunes on the other hand provide many opportunities for riding.

  • For some inexperienced riders there is a place called Black Mountain which is not that high on the difficulty level but is a lot of fun nonetheless. One can get about any kind of OHV or an ATV and zoom across the desert while having an experience of a lifetime.

  • Many people also get their bikes and challenge themselves at some of the sand dunes in the area. Some people do not enjoy riding ATV’s or are inexperienced on handling bikes therefore they have other options as well. Such people can visit the Rockwell Outstanding Natural Area which has been declared as a vehicle free zone. This area is nearly 9000 acres of pure fun.

  •  One can observe a lot of different animals and reptile species like Mule Deer, Antelope, and 15 different species of birds as well as Desert Whip snake. This place is also home to the giant four winged saltbush. In fact this is the only place in the whole world where this plant species grows naturally. This place holds a lot of interest to Botanists, Ornithologists etc.

  •  One can also camp in the recreation center although the place of camping is clearly designated and it is not advisable to camp away from the designated place among the Junipers. White Sands is the place closest to the Visitor Center though it puts the White Sands at a considerable distance from the Sand Mountain.

  • All the necessary amenities are taken care of as there are 99 sites in the recreational area equipped with toilets, drinking water along with a play area for the kids which is fenced for their safety.

  • Finding your way around is not a problem as there are many candy stripped homing poles equipped with a flashing beacon at the top to help people chalk out their way after sunset.

  • Then there is a place called the Oasis which has ample of parking space for trailers, Recreational vehicles (RV’s) which is also stoked with drinking water, toilets and dump stations to better facilitate the stay of the people visiting this area. One can also find access to certain sand dunes and trails from here.

Fremont Indian State Park

  • Another major attraction in Utah is the Fremont Indian State Park. It is situated near Sevier and is at a distance of 21 miles from Richfield. There is so much to do and see at Fremont Indian State Park that it is impossible to get bored.

  • It is by far the largest and arguably the most beautiful center of Native American pictograph treasury. This pictograph treasury along with some other artifacts speaks a lot about a definitive phase of the history of America which is not that well known.

  • There are 12 different trails to explore which have a collection of various pictographs and petroglyphs. The former are painted symbols while the latter are carved in stones. These pictures and carvings were a medium through which the Indians expressed themselves.

  • One can interpret history for the first time in their own way by observing these pieces of art carefully. After the tour through history, one can indulge in a bit of fishing, bike riding or even horseback riding to relax and refresh. The natural beauty of this park is overwhelming with all the streams, mountain trails which are enhanced by the abundant wildlife present.

  • This park is open throughout the year and has facilities for visitors with RV’s and individual campsites as well. Other amenities like drinking water and modern restrooms make the camping trip a lot more comfortable for both kids and adults alike.

  • People in a rush can come here for a day and have a picnic at one of the many designated picnic spots or can even cook their meal over a campfire.