US Travel

US Travel

USA, being one of the most powerful nations in the world is diverse and huge. It contains a variety of people from different races, cultures and backgrounds. USA itself is large ad filled with places of wonder, such that a month long vacation will just not be sufficient to enjoy what the country has to offer. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find one such place that is equally distributed with both natural beauty as well as man-made wonders that are undoubtedly worth visiting.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why USA is one of the most visited lands by the tourists across the world. Among the strings of popular destinations, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Chicago are some of the cities that are mostly visited by the tourists every year.

These cities offer every form of entertainment for every age group. That’s why it is not a wonder that USA is a place of marvel and a destination paradise.

Las Vegas, Nevada

known as the Entertainment capital of the world offers every possible adult amusement that one can ever imagine. Hotels, resorts, clubs and discos here are truly world-class. Due to the legalization of gambling in this part of the United States, Las Vegas has another widely popular nick name known as the Sin City. Outstanding casinos and gambling resorts and hotels bring hundreds of tourists to this region from all over the world. This place is also famous among the posh class of people in the society, as well as the Hollywood superstars and sports celebrities. The Las Vegas strip is mainly the centre for every kinds of entertainment possible. Some of the most popular hotels ad casino resorts include Las Vegas Hilton, Palm Casino resort, Riviera hotel casino, Planet Hollywood hotel and dozens of other such world-class places. Nevertheless, the late rock and roll Hollywood superstar Elvis Presley was known to have visited Las Vegas Hilton as many as 800 times in his life.

Las Vegas is not only for thewide range of adult entertainment that Las Vegas is popular among the adult tourists. The place is equally amusing for every age group. Destinations such as The Grand Canyon, The Death Valley, Zion National Park, Yosemite National Park and Monument Valley are situated near the city centre of Vegas. Every mode of transportations is available to enjoy the picturesque view of these wonders.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is known as the place that is capable of taking you back into your childhood. Nevertheless, the city is known as the biggest family-oriented entertainment centre of the world. The world-class Disney World is situated here, which is the fantasyland of every kid. Disney World is popular not only among the youngsters, but equally for the adults and the aged group of travellers. It is here in this place where you can view your favourite story tale characters come into life as well as the array of non stop overwhelming rides that will definitely take you out of your breath. The Universal Studios is another attraction in Orlando where you can actually experience the marvels of the dream land of Hollywood. The place is also famous for its attractive nightlife. The Sea World Orlando, Central Florida Zoological Park, the stretch of white sandy beaches of the Atlantic and the strings of museums are the other places of attractions in Orlando. You can never sit idle when you are visiting this part of the United States.

New York City

This city was nicknamed The Big Apple and is widely known across the globe for being the city of opportunity. Nevertheless, it is populated with people of different nationalities and culture. The city offers numerous entertainments and an attractive nightlife, which induces thousands of tourists to visit New York City every year. A visit here will make you view all the major offices, musical and cultural theatres of the world. Broadway, The Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Gardens and the headquarters of United Nations (UN) are some of the places you can visit in the New York City. Apart from being the International centre of Business, the city also offers some first-class restaurants, shopping malls and nightclubs where you can spend quality time during your visit to this bustling city of New York that never sleeps.