UK Maps

United Kingdom located at Northwest part of Europe, includes Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. UK has only neighboring border in west with Republic of Ireland for Northern Ireland. It is bounded with North sea in the east,English channel in its south and Atlantic ocean with Irish sea in the west. The above maps with wide relief patterns which show you the Country along with the Political features that distribute the landforms such as rivers, Mountain ranges, sea etc. The above maps describe the landscapes, important means of transportation such as major roads, major railways, Airways, major sea ports and major cities that include the capital of the nation London that are precisely marked on the map.

The maps describe the path to major road and railways that connect the cities such as Southampton, Cardiff, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Glasgow etc. With the time zone spreading in each division with an outline map

UK Latitude Map

The United Kingdom is located on the geographical coordinates of Latitude 54'00 N and Longitude 2'000 W in Europe. The United Kingdom lies in between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, west of Europe. With the longitude and latitude of the United Kingdom spreads to a total area of 244,820 sq km. The latitude and longitude co-ordinates of the capital of the United Kingdom is 51'30 N and 0'10 W. Due to the geographic location of the UK the south west part stays cloudy and shadow at the most of the times every year.

UK Railway Map

Great Britain has the one of the oldest rail system in the world and first locomotive rail was established in the year 1825. With most of the railway track is managed by Network Rail, which holds a total network of 15,753 kilometers in the year 2014 with 5,268 kilometers were electrified. The total number of stations in the UK is 2550 and few of them being run by the private sectors locally.

The UK has the 18th largest railway network in the world and member of the International Union Railways.

UK Cities Map

There is a total of 69 cities in the UK of which the cities that were given the Royal charter city status. Of the 69 cities, 51 are in England, 7 in Scotland, 6 in Wales and 5 in Northern Ireland. The UK has the major cities such as Cardiff, London, Manchester, Leeds, Southampton, York, Newcastle etc,.

UK Time Zones Map

The Greenwich Time zone is mostly carried out in the UK and is originally referred as a mean solar time at the royal observatory in Greenwich London. The GMT is later adopted as a global time standard. In the UK the official time during winter is GMT and time during the summer is BST British Summer Time.

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