The traveller statue in the city of Oviedo, Spain perhaps describes travelling much more elaborately than anything else. The blackish grey sculpture standing erect with grace was built during the nineteenth century in honour of the French delegates during the eighteen hundreds. The statue shows a man surrounded by his belongings, with visions of the journey he is about to commence and with hopes of sanguinity that is vivid in his body language. Correspondingly, the concept of travel has not been altered much in the present day. People travel to the distant lands for various purposes; let it be for pleasure or business. The word travel has been originated from the Middle English word travailen, dating back to 1100 AD.

Nevertheless, human beings have been undoubtedly acquainted with travel from the very beginning of the modern era. People now a day’s travel for a various reasons, for the sake of commuting, recreation to migration in a different place and for religious purposes.

Travel & Tourism –

Travel for recreation has become a popular activity in the recent times. The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) described tourism as visit to any place other than the existing home of the traveller, for a period of not more than twelve months. Tourism in the foreign lands has increased significantly among the present generation of people. Now a day’s people make overseas tours for leisure, entertainment and for the urge of learning about a new culture. The number of tourists making overseas vacation has been recorded to an astonishing 763 millions in 2004. Nevertheless, the tourism and travel industry has taken a new shape in many countries across the globe. Astonishing but true, tourism is a major element of economy in many nations. The Polynesian Islands of the Pacific, earns more from the tourism made each year by the vast number of travellers, than their agriculture.

Some of the present day’s most magnificent resorts have been known to be built in the quest for attracting vacationers, who rush for quality time in the overseas. The typically favourites include the Islands, where the white sandy beaches, the coral reefs and most of all the serenity is the drive that brings thousands of tourists to the spots. Most of the hotels offer superlative facilities and services, which includes excellent spas, message centres, gymnasiums and superior sports such as golf. The Hawaii, Caribbean Islands, Canary Islands and the Bahamas are some of the most visited exotic places of vacations not only among the tourists but perhaps for the silver screen celebrities as well!

Migration –

Human beings had been known to migrate to other lands ever since the beginning of the civilization. People settled from their existing lands to other foreign lands for various reasons, which typically include the fertility of the lands that enable better agriculture. The river Nile in Egypt had been occupied and migrated by the nomadic due to the abundance of rich soil that surrounded that area.

Typically, as we step into the 21st century, the travel for the sake of migration is still visible among various class and countries across the globe. People nowadays migrate to the foreign lands usually in search of better future and security. Immigrants from comparatively less developed nations are more prone to migrate to other countries of better prospective. The North American regions, Western Europe and the Australians are among the most preferred countries of migration among the immigrants. One of the many reasons that the eastern European nations have more likelihood of migrating to the countries under the EU community is the higher rate of wages. Mass migration was known to take place starting from the 18th century till the mid 19th century. A majority of the population had been known to move to the North American regions during that era, as well as from different parts of Asia. Today, United States is known to be rich in culture and diversity. People of various nationalities and race can be found in almost every part of America.