Travel writers lead a glamorous life traveling the globe in search of fresh pastures. To be an excellent travel writer you should pursue the following guidelines diligently

Travel writers need to travel, extensively and experience the life first and do justice to their articles. They should adopt a lively attitude, willing to absorb the unfamiliar and mysterious, and immersing themselves in the local cultures and traditions.

Travel writers should hone their skills well, and write regularly, putting down their myriad experiences on paper in order to get published. They should do an in-depth study of their travel destination and browse local newspapers for the latest news, views and gossip.

Travel writers have to read a wide range of travel-related books and magazines, history and geography of a country, to grasp the fine points of travel writing. A personal touch to travel writing will distinguish your work from that of others.

Surf online and be sure to do a detailed search engine check to get comprehensive travel information. Think of saleable ideas, what are your travel goals and interests and the sort of publication that matches your personal desires. The travel story should be appropriately chosen and clearly expressed.

A career in travel writing takes a long time to develop and hence travel writers should be patient. They need to be hard as nails and take rejection in their stride. Once a good rapport is established with an editor, travel writers need to ensure that they have the necessary skills, determination, and dedication to produce quality work.

Travel writers should write concise and precise stories as readers have a short attention span and have no time for lengthy articles. If you can tell readers a stress-free, quicker and economical way of traveling rather than describing a two-day bus journey, you are on the road to success.

Whether writing travel reviews or travelogues, travel writers should provide relevant information on the location, accommodation, travel arrangements, etc.

Travel writers should give a fresh new slant to articles to catch readers' attention. They need to find a good story line and present it in a refreshing innovative way.

They should create a balanced story, combining personal perspectives with practical essentials. They should introduce an element of fun in their writing to make it worth reading about.

Travel writers should expertly draft a persuasive query letter and skillfully market themselves and their ideas to editors.

Few travel writers make a living purely on their writing. Its advisable to keep a steady job till you have built a considerable collection of published work and landed a big assignment.

Travel Writers provide a whole new way to view the world.