Travel Transportation


Comfortable journey with the pleasure of seeing the place that is passing by can be your stress buster many a time. With a good novel in a hand lying lazily on the seat and sometimes peeping from the window can be measured as delightful memory along with other experience of the entire trip. Well, it is now not unrevealed to everyone that comfort of transportation is highly desired for a good trip. It is now counted as one of the most alarming factor while counting the entire experience of the journey.

Who doesn’t want to feel the pleasure of glimpse of mushy green meadow or the first shine of sun while taking a comfort rhythm of the moving transport? Mode of transport being different, getting the same pleasure can be possible. But are we all aware that possibility can be destructed if we don't book our ticket for availing seat in advance?

Travel Transport

may take place in different terms in different place. It means,

  • First and foremost, one transport is required for the place we are going to, and
  • The next transport is required from that reached destination, where we will go for local market or sightseeing.

Both kind of transportation can be availed by the means of different aid:

  • For package trip you just have to pay some money to the agent or the consolidator who will conduct the entire trip. They are usually responsible for the entiretransport availability throughout the trip. They will often arrange from- your –door- to –your- door transport facility. There you need not to worry about the transport they will arrange you for going to your desired destination. After reaching the destination, even they will provide you comfortabletransport facility, which will guide you to see all the places you desired to see or places to go on offer inside your package plan.
  • If it is an individual attempt for a trip, the entire responsibility will go to you to book your transport according to your body and money comfort. Further we have segregation in this area.

A. Initial transport booking or city-to-city booking

B. For sightseeing transport booking

There are further two steps which can be followed for the first one:

Hand to hand booking: if you are going to the ticket counter personally and booking your ticket

Agent booking: you can arrange one booking agent or consolidator to book your ticket. Here little commission would obviously be bagged by the agent.

For the later one, we follow various steps:

  • With hotel transport booking: You can arrange your transport in advance when the hotel booking is taking place.
  • Instant transport booking: It can take place in two way:

A. You can book your transport after reaching the hotel by arranging it from the hotel itself.

B. You can avail the local transport facility from any place of that particular city.

Now, the arrangement of booking your transport is almost clear to you. Now comes the matter of mode of transport you want go for.

There are varieties of transport facility, which can take you to your desired destination. Now it’s up to you, which one is convenient for you in terms of money and physical comfort.

Mode of transport may fall under major three categories according to their purpose of the service:

  • Across the Country Transport
  • City –to-city transport
  • Local transport

Across the Country Transport

In this category, you choose various modes:

Airlines: It is comfortable and swift, but money involved here is little high. But nowadays many discount offers have made this transport via more accessible to any stratum of the society.

Ship: It is comfortable but takes time a little more in compare to other. Money involvement is also little high. If your span of time for the trip is short, then the previous one can be better.

Train: Many countries have made the train possible to cross the country. Trains covering long distance are made very comfortable to the passenger.

Bus: Even many luxurious buses cross the border.

City to City Transport

This category again falls under various sub categories:

Airplane: In the age of jet, when first travel is highly on demand, then this mode of transport is the best.

Train: From one city to other, trains are always providing you the comfort of journey. Its ticket rate is usually nominal and easily reachable to any class of the society.

Bus: Journey by bus can be enjoyable while going from one city to another. Its rate is also not too high.

Cab: Many cab facilities are available to take you to the other city. They can charge on hour basis or the distance basis, and even fixed rate is on offer.

Tube/Metro Rail: It is another mode of transport which can send you to your desired destination from one city to another in a very short time.

Local Transport

This category ranges widely from train to boat:

Train:Many local trains are available to take you to your place of favor.

Bus:Busses are also at the service for the local transportation

Cab: Cabs are always at your doorstep from the late night to early morning for your convenience. Again they will charge you on hour or distance basis.

Metro / Tube Train: These are another mode of transport with pleasure and comfort for many a city.

Tram: Many countries have kept this streetcar as a traditional transport, which looks almost like a train.

Rickshaw / Auto Rickshaw: Many developing countries can be seen with the clutter of rickshaw/auto rickshaw in the city crowd.

Boat: If want the pleasure of travel via water-way, boats are there to help you.

Rope Way : Many hill stations have the facility to make the tourist astonished by the excitement of the rope-way; few box-shaped cubicles are ready to move you from one hill to another or one place to another by the means of ropes via airway.

Now all the transports are ready to move for you. Get prepared and choose to board on any of them.