Travel Reward Cards


Travel reward cards are provided by various banks as well as other organizations that offer the card users various rewards when they spend money using cards. A large variety of travel reward cards are available but they are basically sorted into two main categories: the cards that are associated with airlines and general cards that are not linked with them

The cards associated with the airlines can help you win many "miles" as a reward by spending through them. For each dollar you spend, they will give you one mile for it. A lot of other rewards and extra miles can be earned if you spend with the numerous other companiesand airlines that are affiliated with your card during your traveling period.

The general travel reward cards that are provided by the banks are not associated with the airline companies but they provide the rewards in a similar basis, for example, one point for one dollar spent. Both these categories of travel reward cards reward the users with free tickets when sufficient points are earned by the travellers through their spending. For example, for some cards they provide free tickets to the United States when the users accumulate about 25,000 points.

One of the biggest disadvantages of airline-associated travel cards are that the fees and rates are sky-high. All the airline-affiliated cards bear annual charges that can range between $50 and $150. They might also bear high APRs that can range from 15 to 18 percent.

Among the numerous travel reward card providers, few of the most recommended and preferred ones are:

  • Triple A(AAA)

: The triple A offers different prices for different individuals based on the state they reside. For example, if you are residing in Connecticut, you may have to pay $70 for the membership. The fee might seem a little too much; however the services and offers they provide may help you end up save more at the end of the day. For instance, the AAA card will help you benefit from various discounts at places such as Hertz, Hilton and Hyatt hotels, LaQuinta, Marriot, numerous theme parks and a lot more other spots. You can call their customer service hotline that is toll free to get to their offices all over the United States. If you need more information on Triple A,visit


  • AARP

: At AARP, the membership charge is only about $12.50 per year and it will help you make great savings during your travel. AARP can provide discounts that can go up to 50% at over 400 Sheraton Hotels in more than 70 countries all over the world. The also provide additional discount of 10% at more than 100 Crown Plaza spots as well as discounts at Avis car rental throughout the nation. For more information you can visit