Travel Preparation


When we make a plan for a trip, even before a month we start visualizing the excitement of visiting that very place and smelling the flavor of joy. Mesmerized with the thought of forthcoming trip, our dream lands to the world of reality, when the tingling of preparation for the trip comes into a play. Be the plan with friends or family, but the responsibility of preparation when knocks the door, we can not turn our attention from it.

Trips can be of two types, planned and unplanned. We feel planned trip is always prepared with the readiness of all the facilities and availabilities. But no, often we skip to list in many things, which should be in the list well in advance.

And for our kind information, even unplanned trip requires to be prepared, at least a preparation of mind set to not getting accommodation, just because of no previous preparation. Well, that was a joke. On a serious note, every trip requires few preparations.

What to Prepare for?

Obviously, the list of preparation won’t be too little to be mentioned. It will include everything from your tooth brush to sight- seeing. But the list would be easy, if we segregate it in few steps;

How-to-go preparation: Well, you are taking the correct path meaning the availability of the tickets. First and foremost, we need to focus whether the ticket is available for the chosen place.


There may come two hurdles to get the ticket of the desired destination:

  • If we are planning too late, when all the tickets are already sold.
  • If we are planning during peak-season, when everyone is rushing the same place you want to visit.

Don’t Worry:

For the above, hindrance can be pushed back, as every cloud has a silver lining.

  • Try to book your ticket at least a month ago.
  • Try to plan your trip on off-season. Or else try booking your ticket well in advance before the peak-season.


Where-to-stay preparation:

Now when the tickets are in your hand, perhaps the availability of better accommodation is stealing your night-sleep.


Again it can be messed up by two giants:

  • No advance Booking.
  • Peak-season.

Don’t Worry:

Well, solution remaining the same as ticket booking.

  • Book your accommodation beforehand.
  • Don’t’ follow the crowd and avoid peak-season.
How-to-wander preparation:

Many trips come with package offer. You can be facilitated with the service of sight seeing included in the package. But if you are not in a package trip, there may be one problem, which can make you horrified during the entire trip, i.e. the overrating of the transport service provider. To avoid this problem,

  • Try to take transport facility from the hotel, where you are already in.
  • Else take the guidance of Travel Guides or Directories in advance, where all these information are always handy.

Local Travel Guide can make your life miserable, if you are not familiar with the place and their surrounding. Again taking help of Travel Guide and Directory beforehand, can make your journey comfortable and hassle free.

While you are going for a package trip, you get already aware of the fact what offers you are going to avail. It is determined well in advance. But if you are planning individual trip, few questions remain always unsolved. Don’t’ get lost in that situation, before rushing for any place, research about that place thoroughly from theTravel Guide and the Directory.

Take–adventure preparation:

If you are keen for adventure sports, you can even book your seat from the time you plan to go there. Package trip sometimes includes offer for adventure sports.

Not-to-forget preparation:

Now comes some tips for personal care preparation:
  • Try to carry one first-aid box with you. This should contain medicines like antiseptic, bandage, and medicine for fever, inflammation, acidity, gastric etc.
  • Keep your personal care product in a small kit. Kit should include tooth paste, tooth brush, safety pin, soap, shampoo etc.
  • Keep your wallet always in a safer place inside the rucksack, and keep the money inside any safety pocket.
  • Carry your credit or debit card with extra care.
  • Try to wear or take a shoe, which will be convenient for the place you are going to visit. Especially, if you are interested in adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing, then carry your shoe according to the desired specification.
  • Carry at least umbrella or raincoat for your safety, especially during monsoon.
  • Try to pack your baggage with comfortable clothes instead of overloading it with your heavy make-up kit.
  • Always carry some dry fruits and foods with you, in case of emergency.
  • Last but not the least; carry your cell phone with roaming facility (if possible), just for emergency sake.

    After all those preparations, if you still are lacking something, then try to list all the necessary things in your notebook that you require to carry. And before stepping out of your house, recheck all the things you have written there. Specially don’t forget your tickets andcredit or debit card. After all, they are your friend in-need every time.