Travel Portland Oregon


Portland Oregon is situated in the State of Oregon, United States, with the two rivers, Willamette and Columbia uniting at the city. Portland Oregon is famous in numerous ways, starting from its exceptional outdoor activities that the city has to offer, excellent nightlife and the mesmerizing natural beauty, music to the assortment of dining options available. It is no wonder that the city is, today, one of the favourite tourist destinations of the United States. Nicknamed as the City of Roses, Portland Oregon comprises of magnificent rose gardens that undoubtedly worth a visit. The city's rich history offers overview at the older part of the city and the charming waterfall situated right within Portland Oregon will definitely enthral the travellers.

It also a favourite spot for the sports lovers from all across the globe since the city is the home to the shop of Niketown. So, if you have a special affinity towards sports, Portland Oregon is a must to visit. Nevertheless, the city offers every kind of entertainment and activities for every age and taste. Visiting the North-western part of the United States without visiting Portland Oregon is simply not worth it.

International Rose Test Garden

This famous rose garden was established in 1917 and has been ever since the city's major attraction, with a collection of more than 800 plants displaying as much as 400 different species of roses. The climate of Portland Oregon is just perfect for the plantation of roses and the hybridizing takes place on several trials in this garden before they are ready for sell. The rose garden here will truly captivate anybody with its beauty and the display of colours. The garden is open everyday from 7:30 am till 9 pm and comes with an exclusive gift shop which opens from 10am to 6 pm daily, where the tourists can buy various souvenirs to make their visit memorable. The entry is free for all into the garden.

Japanese Garden

The garden is made up of five separate gardens and has been designed by a Japanese architect. Opened in 1967, the garden profits from the exquisiteness of the nearby mountains and makes the visitors to stop by and marvel at the beautiful landscape that they come across. The different segments of the garden has been given a separate name, each bearing the similar characteristics according to the name such as the Strolling Pond, Dry Landscape, Natural, Tea and Flat. The garden had been originally designed by a Japanese architect and it is worth a visit by every tourists. There is a gift shop situated at the garden which offers exclusive souvenirs that are mostly imported from Japan. The admission to the Japanese Garden charges money, which varies according to age and the payment can also be done via MasterCard, Visa Card or any other form.

Oregon Maritime Centre and Museum

The museum exhibits the marine trade and history, delivering an intriguing journey through time with its displays. Tourists' visiting Oregon must visit the Maritime museum as it is a one time experience. Among the displays it includes valuable photographs, miniature models of ship, ancient navigation devices and various artefacts from actual vessels. The museum is built on a steam driven sternwheeler anchored to the river, an incredibly unusual setting of any museum that definitely worth a visit. The museum is open from Friday to Sunday from 11 am till 4 pm and the admissions require money that varies according to age.

Roseland Theatre

Undoubtedly the most happening place of Oregon, Roseland Theatre is a place both for the amateur and the popular music stars. The vaguely lit area of the theatre and the pack of musicians makes it just the perfect place for the music lovers. The theatre also owns a bar and dance floor in the upper floors and light alcoholic drinks are served here. The downstairs floors are occupied by the theatre's very own snack bar, Roseland Grill where various appetizers are served. Every sort of music, from pop, reggae, rock, techno to hiphop and blues are played here. Big names of the music Industry such as Ziggy Marley, Alien Ant Farm, No Doubt George thoroggood are mong some of the names who had performed in the same stage previously. The theatre usually opens from 8pm and the entry requires payment that can be paid via Visa, Master Card or any other form as well cash.