Travel New Orleans


History and Culture

The city of New Orleans sometimes sounds hard and harsh to understand as first hand account of the impression of a tourist .Its an amazing and a unique place in United States of America. It gives a French impression in most of his offering’s is a happening place and people can be made out walking round the clock, its bars and pubs are hardly dealing with any binding and are available a any point of time. Sensational music is found in the every part of the city.

This is the only place in the map of United states where natives find it hard to adjust and they strongly feel tat they are in foreign locations, As European culture is here like anything and accent used may be southern or European .Restaurants offers spicy but European and African cuisine to the visitors and is really hard to find who is native and who is tourist, it really gives tough time to visitors as well as locals even one after spending lot of time cant make it in a real way, that is the beauty and freshness of the place.

The place has got an amazing history but sounds peculiar and weird sometime. It was the place where slaves were kept and it has majority of Africans, American –Indian and they have a formed a culture of their own. This place is a judicious mix of these subcontinents culture and it adds to its uniqueness.


Places to visit:

As it hosts number of museums in the city which gives a close looks to the entire fraternity of the world.


The well known and the oldest community still surviving in the United States and this museum reveals its entire existence. It is also known with the name of American -African museum.

American –Italian Museum

This museum tells a lot about the relationship of America and Italy and the role they played in the development of the country .Rest could be discovered by a visit as there is a plenty to offer.

Amistad Research Center

This is one of the finest research centers of one of the university located here. It has a huge collection of manuscripts stating the relationships between American and Africans. It is a center point to any researcher and scholar, they find it a real worth as it has lot of collections to offer. More than 15 million of documents and photographs more than 2,50 ,000 and plenty of other original work makes its stand out of others.

The list of antique and museum centers is really long and one need to visit this place to know more, due to its culture diversity one can find lot of museums here.

Houma's House

It hosts of various histories in its own and has a culture of its own, they are one of the major tourist attractions, as it has a lush green belt which really soothes the eye of travelers, the best thing is that it is very well connected and could be spotted easily.

La Branche Plantation Dependency

This is another greenhouse and is mainly opens on weekends with its own set of rules. There are plenty of such places in this city which soothes the tourist and it is a kind of rejuvenating experience to the visitors. Visitors love to drive down to such places.

The city has lot much to offer and tourist loves this kind of places which are a mix of culture, heritage and adventure, it is always challenging and a great learning experience to explore this place and the area is very well connected with rail road and air All kind of information is available at a single click, Authorities of states are always there to help tourist about any information and provides lot of facilities for touring, traveling and even for research.