Travel maps are simply indispensable to the global traveler and assist them in orienting themselves to a new country.

Travel maps of different countries are easily available and contain a wealth of details. They are necessary travel accessories and are published chiefly to enable travelers to move from place to place. Travel writers religiously carry travel maps with them to help them in their writing.

Travel maps enable people sitting at home to vicariously travel to a particular region. They can go online and explore the world with state-of-the-art interactive maps that enables them to navigate their way around the globe.

Travel maps give a brief overview of a region's topography, clearly demarcating sheer and flat terrain by means of contour lines. The depict natural and manmade features and perfectly highlight mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests, vegetation and woodlands and are great for planning recreational activities such as rock climbing, trekking, biking, fishing, rafting, sailing and such other activities. Travellers may head for the woods carrying a picnic lunch, bask on the beach, or go bird watching.

Travel maps of a particular city may concentrate on road navigation. Some maps may focus on interstate highways, whereas others may depict a comprehensive road network, including major, minor, cross-country, and back roads. These maps may mention distance between different positions on the map and are very useful when traveling by road to get your bearings right. With a travel map in hand, travellers can plan their itineraries effortlessly and calculate the time required to reach a particular destination.

Travel may prominently highlight various landmarks and travellers can take such routes, which have a number of tourist attractions to make their trip worthwhile and cost-effective. The maps provide detailed information on cultural hotspots, historic sites, geographical signposts, important neighbourhood information such as, airports, seaports, train terminals and bus stations, colleges and universities, museums and galleries, zoos and gardens, religious sites and sports centers, market places and shopping malls to make the journey worthwhile and interesting.

When selecting a particular travel map you should comprehend map scales, to pick the right map that best suits your needs.

Travel maps help you to have a better understanding of the world around you.