Travel Lodging


Though being a freedom-loving creature, we enjoy flying high, but nest is always required. Yes, point lies here in travel lodging, be it unplanned or planned, we definitely search for at least a room where we can leave our baggage and take rest after the entire joyful hectic day of sight seeing or simply shopping. After hopping from one place to another, everyone needs to stretch their body onto a couch and close their eyes to cherish the handful of pleasure they got during the whole day.

Now few people are satisfied just by arranging a shelter, which can fulfill their nominal needs, like keeping their baggage, taking bath, leaning their body to the bed for rest.

Some not so little-demander, look for more fun from their lodging. To those finicky travelers, may be one suite with all the luxurious amenities like a comfortable bed, toilet with all the desired facilities like bath tub, more desirably Jacuzzi bath tub, and other classy sanitary equipments. They are in demand to make their quench for luxury satisfied also by a small kitchen arrangement.

Reason behind their choices

Well, those who are not choosy about their lodging, they may fall under two categories:

  • For them only wandering here and there, and taking the pleasure of sight seeing, matters more than a luxury of the hotel room. They often think that most of the time they would be out of their room. So, does it really matter how the room is?
  • To a few bearing luxury does not suit their pocket. Those people usually just go for small or medium sized hotel, motel or lodge, and enjoy the rest.
  • Perhaps, unavaibillity of the vacant room during peak-season may deprive the traveler staying to their chosen hotel or resort.

Now, we focus on the detailed pow-wow about them, who are very particular about the ambience they are living in. Even, they fall into different categories:

  • Few are born with all the sophiticacy and up market luxury around; they just maintain the same, even if they are away from their house. They try to feel the same comfort of home away from home.
  • If few are making business trip, they would like to meet their client in their hotel where all the facilities are always handy in any time. It’s simply an impression factor.
  • Few go with their family or friends, most of the time they enjoy to chill out inside the swimming pool or Jacuzzi of any five-star or seven-star. For them, spending some money in order to holidaying with loved ones in indulgence is the derivative of their happiness.

Here is the list where we try emphasizing on the types of lodging available in the market;

  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Resort
  • Spa resort

Difference between “Motel” and “Hotel”

Name almost sounds similar; there is some distinctive difference between hotels and motels. Motel is found to be originated from the word “Motor Hotel”. The basic difference between them is that motel is generally square or U shaped, which has inner courtyard serving the purpose of parking lot. But generally the major difference lies in the service of the hotel and motel. Hotel normally is equipped with all the facilities like conference room, Jacuzzi, gym, restaurant, room service, internet connectivity, telephone service etc. But motels offer very limited service in nominal rate. Hotel has separate parking lot on offer. Motel can be comfortable stop over, if you are planning sudden trip with your friends and family.

Hotels may be found in different categories according to the purpose of the trip:

  • Honeymoon Hotels
  • Guide Hotel
  • Hunt Hotel
  • Holiday Hotel.

Resort is another place where people can go to make their holidays more delightful. It is also equipped with various amenities, which invariably includes open air restaurant or covered food court, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sports arrangements like Bowling, Air Hockey, Pool and Snooker etc., and sometimes even separate playing area for kids. While any cultural or official parties take inside the resort, the decoration of resort makes it more eye-catchy to the viewer.

Spa resort:

Few resorts come with Spa facilities where spa message and treatment invariably get the mode of relaxation to the traveler. Experienced and authentic Spa masseur gives you relaxing massage, which really makes your holiday value-for money.

There is only hairline difference between Hotel and Resorts nowadays. But these all vary as long as the look and feel is concerned.